Christmas in the Park -Module Report

Thanks to all of those that came and played


The party were sent a message by a gent by the name of Black Palm to rescue them from evil. The party of brave souls went out and found that the evil was a wraith that was terrorising the region and that Black Palm and his people were orcs. After some moral indecision, it was decided that orcish gold was as good as any other and they killed the evil wraith, repeatedly until they discovered it was being kept alive by dark necromantic magics. After destroying the Chalice of the Eternally Restless the wraith was dispatched once and for all, but only after it was allowed to kill Black Palm. There will now be moral discussions whether it is ethical to take money from an orc as payment and then allow that orc to be killed.

Thanks to all of those who attended. And special thanks to all of those that came down from Auckland. We know it was a long trip and we also know there was another game on up there, so thanks for choosing us.

Happy Adventures