So, I don’t think there’s anyone doing foam-weapon LARPing in Christchurch. The closest we have is pacifist warfare, which is the TOON to your D&D. I’ve been interested in this for a while though, so I’ll start asking around and seeing if anyone’s interested over summer.

You may want to check out the Local SCA. They’re not exactly LARPers, but it’s kind of close*. I also know they’re planning to have a LARP at their big event in February.

They’re a great group, very friendly and with lots of good people.

  • if getting hit at full power with a stick can be compared to being hit softly with a piece of foam :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve heard the SCA is strong down there.

One of the original creators of Mordavia has moved to Christchurch and intends to start foam weapon combat games down there (or at least I think he does).

In time I think there’ll be quite a bit of activity here in the Christchurch forum…

Good to have you on board! Do you know others that might be interested when it starts up?

Cool. If you get a bunch of people interested in buying foam weapons, drop me a line in my capacity as Paddywhack and we could work something out. The best weapon makers are the professionals in Europe, which is where I get my stuff.

But if you’re thinking of making gear there are plenty of people on this forum with experience who could offer advice.

We’re not just into the live-combat stuff in Auckland, there are theatre-style games and Mind’s Eye Theatre and the whole range of larping goodness, and it looks like things are going to diversify even more in the near future. Personally I’ve never really cottoned to abstract conflict resolution in live games, I like things fast and in my face. But I also like the idea of there being a LARP out there for everyone.

Oh yeah, and Scott Farndon is down in Christchurch and starting a Mordavia group there. You can get him on

I’ve been involved in the SCA in the past, but it never really grabbed me that much, heh. I should mention there’s been a long-running Vampire game ( which is on hiatus at present, and the university roleplaying group SAGA runs annual one-off LARPs. We’ve never done full-contact gaming, though - they’re invariably political/social with maybe a little GM-handled combat.

Completely off-topic, but have you ever tried metal weapons fighting? I met some of the people from Ordo Cygni at NAAMA. It’s a little different to SCA - have a squiz, it’s all good.

As to starting a branch of Mordavia in Christchurch, yay! We need to spread the LARP… and the more we have, the better… :smiley:

Mordavia is coming to Christchurch, I’ve just been way laid with starting a business at present, just waiting for everything to settle down a bit.

We have the first game written up and is ready to go, however the armoury needs to be built and costumes made. At present I have enough gear for 8 people in total, not quite enough to run that event just yet as there are already 11 interested people

Hold off on any weapon purchases though, we will have club gear available for players and NPC’s alike, even organise sword making workshops.

The beauty part of Christchurch is resources are dirt cheap, cheaper than Auckland by a long shot, allowing us to experiment more with new costume designs and better yet… weapon designs.

You can contact me on 021 211 9125 during the evenings, or email me at, I’m actively looking for Trainee Game Masters and interested parties in joining the Southern Mordavia group.

Tell your friends and spread the word, Mordavia IS coming to Christchurch.

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I figured that this may be as good a point as ever to say that I am one of the guys who ran that game.

I have now recovered my life somewhat from various things that were keeping me very busy (primarily getting married) and I hope soon to begin to do more stuff with Covenant.

The plan is currently to bring it back with short-run games (1 to 4 sessions) to combat the inevetibilities of lack of time, player churn, and ST burn-out.

All this of course is contingent on people’s interest, but I am jonseing for some LARP and hope to get a good game or 2 going.


Update on The Southern Mordavia Group will be available next weekend after we have met with the heads of a few groups.

Stay Tuned

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