Christchurch Venue List

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In the style of the Wellington venue list, a user-created list of possible larp venues for Christchurch. This post has been set to wiki mode, so people can add to and update it.

Further resources: Camp sites, Halls.

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St Albans Community Centre (126 Caledonian Road)

Description: Main room and several smaller meeting rooms
Capacity: 40
Cost: Hall $25/hr (private social function rate), $100 bond
Contact: or 021 317 584

Fendalton Community Centre (170 Clyde Road, Fendalton)

Description: Hall, auditorium (w/ balcony) and seminar room; used to be library
Capacity: Hall 100, Seminar room 30
Cost: Hall $13.50 / hour, seminar room $10.50/hour (community rates) or $47 / $29 / hour (“community events”) + $30 security fee for evening bookings
Contact: (03) 941 8999

Waimairi Road Community Centre (166 Waimairi Road, Ilam)

Description: Two wood-floored halls. Day / early-evening hire only
Capacity: Big hall 50, small hall 40
Cost: $10.50 / hour (community rates) or $29 / hour (“community events”)
Contact: Booking form

Avice Hill Arts and Craft Centre (395 Memorial Avenue, Avonhead)

Description: Craft centre with two rooms and some outdoor space. Would suit small games.
Capacity: 25 per room.
Cost: $10.50 / hour (community rates) or $29 / hour (“community events”)
Contact: (03) 941 8999

Abberley Park Hall (15 Abberley Crescent, St Albans)

Description: Small wood-floored hall in a park
Capacity: 40
Cost: $10.50 / hour (community rates) or $29 / hour (“community events”)
Contact: (03) 941 8999

Addington Haven (21 Church Square, Addington)

Description: Small hall, meeting room and courtyard
Capacity: Hall 80, meeting room 15
Cost: Hall: $20.70/hour, min $69; meditation room $18.40/hr, min $57.50
Contact:, 021-205-8938

Avonhead Scout Group (Staveley Reserve, Staveley Street)

Description: Scout hall
Capacity: Hall 100, meeting room
Cost: Unknown
Contact:, 021-686-292

Canterbury Horticultural Society (57 Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch)

Description: Hall with multiple venues; space details. Watling lounge works for small games
Capacity: 20 - 200, depending on space
Cost: $75 - $320 (1/2 day). Full schedule

Birch Hill Lodge (Maori Reserve Road, Mt Thomas, Rangiora)

Description: Camp w/ hall and bunkrooms
Capacity: Sleeps 24
Cost: $15/person/night
Contact: or (03) 314-6881

Blue Skies Conference and Training Centre (12 Williams Street, Kaiapoi)

Description: Scout camp with multiple halls
Capacity: Sleeps ~180
Cost: Unknown
Contact: or 03 327 8007

Waipara Adventure Centre (Darnley Rd, Amberley)

Description: Scout camp w/ multiple halls
Capacity: Sleeps 100
Cost: $21.50 / night (plus halls?)
Contact: or (03) 314-6881

YMCA Wainui (104 Wainui Valley Road, Wainui)

Description: Camp w/ multiple halls near Akaroa
Capacity: Sleeps up to 200
Cost: Unknown
Contact: or 03 304-8460

Ferrymead: The Lodge (Ferrymead)

Description: Authentic 1920’s-style friendly society lodge
Capacity: 100
Cost: $550 Saturdays; $400 other times
Contact: or ph (03) 384 1970

Ilam Homestead Function Centre (87 Ilam Rd)

Description: Historic house / university staff club w/ gardens
Capacity: 130 downstairs, 100 upstairs
Cost: Unknown, but expensive
Contact: 03 364 2499

Riccarton House and Bush (16 Kahu Road, Fendalton)

Description: Edwardian heritage house
Capacity: 100
Cost: Unknown, but very expensive
Contact: or (03) 348 6190


@lesbiancobra I think this is what I was thinking of, I imagine this is what your venue list was mostly? Bonus to SAGA affiliation is that we can probably swing using university rooms for NZLARPs projects now.


Yup, pretty much. St Albans community centre and Abberley Park Hall look the most promising in terms of being easy to set dress, and Abberley Park Hall has a fair bit of lawn around it for running around as well. Anything through Christchurch City Council is fairly expensive because they class us as a social group, so there’s a $400 (from memory) bond, but unless you set the place on fire you’ll get that back at the end.


SAGA have got a hall at the Rattray St church for $75 a room for the day for the Monday grand strat (I think) for buckets. Do we have a particular aversion to using churches for space or do they have a particular aversion to us? Depending on the space (I’ll probably be there on the Monday so I’ll check it out) it might be a good option as well.


It says on their website that they don’t take bookings for private groups/functions, but I think they seemed fine with a booking from SAGA so I’m not sure how loose their definition of “community” is.


Sweet :smiley: The only issue I can think of with churches is not being able to set up on Sunday morning for a Sunday afternoon game, which might be why they’re not on the venue list.


They’re not on it because I hadn’t looked at those sorts of venues. But the post is wiki, so you can (and should) edit stuff in.