Chimera 2016 website launched

Chimera 2016 website now up and ready for you to peruse games!

The Chimera 2016 website has launched, with it’s delicious array of new games and old favourites.

On August 9th, at 8pm, registration is thrown open, and the larpers will close in like hungry sharks.

All registrations received in the first week will be given equal priority and numbers will be juggled to accommodate as many people’s preferences as possible!

Many games will sell out in this first week, so get your registration in and make sure your friends do too!


Registrations are now live!


Hungry week is over, however still tonnes of spaces in great games, if you sign up in the next 2 weeks I will be processing those registrations in a batch at the end of this month, so you still have a great chance to get into the games of your choice!