Chimera 2015 - Website Launched!

We’re really excited to announce that the Chimera 2015 website is up! Thank you to Judit Klein for the nifty graphics work again this year. We have two amazing flagships - “Al-Shir Ma”, the 1001 Nights themed game for 66 people from Kapcon 2011 written by Ellen Boucher, Dale Elvy and Sophie Melchior; and “In the Halls of the Erlking” a brand new dark faerie tale for 45 people by Dave Agnew, Martin Clyde, Sarah Daymond and Philippa McLoughlin. In addition to that, we have 16 brand new/never-run-in-NZ games, 6 games which are having their first Auckland run, and 3 popular previously run games. Hungry Shark Week opens 7pm on May 18th 2015, so start whetting your appetites now :smiley: