Chimera 2014 - Triple Flagship!

For Chimera 2014, we have three exciting larp events in our Saturday night flagship spot!


[size=150][color=#008000]The Secrets of the Deep[/color][/size]
By Reuben Strom, Rowena Knill, Nikki Brown and Phillip Brown

[i]The vision’s gone–the inland sea yet stretches broad,
And laps and purls and curls where Helios once was praised
In vasty nave and corridor. There is a still
That untold ages breed; a mighty, solemn hush
Of angels sobbing for the People that is Dead

  • Robert Elliott Gonzales “A Vision of Atlantis”[/i]

The sunken Kingdom of Atlantis. Its name is whispered as a tale of woe and warning by the surface-folk, a lesson in humility. Yet the proud bloodlines did not perish when the city collapsed. They live still, beneath the waves, hidden from prying surface eyes. The question of how they came to survive the drowning of their great city has thus far gone unanswered. Was it divine intervention? Or merely mortal will and wit? Regardless of how it happened, the people of Atlantis survive to this day - plotting and jockeying against one another for power and prestige, carving out holdings and founding dynasties. Those of noble blood have learned to manifest potent abilities, while the commoners are forced to serve.

It is the anniversary of Atlantis’ fall into the depths, and as tradition dictates, the King has opened the doors to his royal halls for all the nobility to gather and feast. Those of the noble houses are happy to attend, using the festival as an excuse to meet with friends and avenge themselves upon enemies. There is resentment brewing amongst some of the commoners though, and the Royal Oracles foretell of change borne upon the tides. Will the proud rise to greater power? Or will they and all of Atlantis fall deeper still, swallowed up by a blacker fate than the ocean floor?

‘Secrets of the Deep’ is an original 40-60 player LARP written for Chimera 2014 which takes inspiration from the story of Atlantis. Suitable for all player levels, it contains themes of myth and high adventure.

[size=150][color=#4000BF]Dry Spell[/color][/size]
by Scott Kelly, Ellen Boucher, Donna Giltrap, Malcolm Harbrow, Paul Wilson

It is 1930 and the signatories of the Unseelie Accords have gathered in the NeverNever not far from Chicago, USA for their annual meeting. But everyone has their own agenda, and the balance is fragile. Wizards, vampires, powerful Fae, mobsters, the Bureau of Prohibition- they’re all here, along with a few unexpected visitors.

Chicago may be dry, but by the end of tonight, the city could well be soaked with blood.

A game set in the world of Jim Butcher’s ‘Dresden Files’ novels (no knowledge of the books is needed).

The highly commended flagship event from Hydra 2013 for 60 people.

[size=150][color=#BF0000]Party at the Paragon Institute[/color][/size]
by Thomas Joychild and Stephanie Cybart

Life’s pretty good at the Paragon Institute, a very exclusive boarding school for the orphans of extraordinary but very obscure humanitarians from all over the world. The facilities are modern, the food’s excellent and the Institute’s on an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island in the Philippines, so the weather’s pretty amazing too. You’ve grown up together and become family (though some of you are dating, making it a slightly incestuous family), surviving algebra and angst alike as you were comprehensively educated on the bankroll of the United Nations. Now it’s time for the the Institute’s Midyear Non-Denominational Inclusive Social Event (or MNDISE for short, as the staff insist on calling it). Some of you are graduating at the end of this year and will be leaving the school for the wide open outside world, and this is a celebration of your impending independence. All the preparations are going right, for once; the organising committee hasn’t even self-destructed through infighting this time.

Only… There was that night two weeks ago when most of the staff were called to an urgent meeting about a break-in at the main office and came out looking very worried. Last week, each of you found a folder on your laptops containing a message from the student who’d hacked the school’s records, and your personal file- the REAL one. The one that tells you who you REALLY are. Or were. Or would be, if a team of time-travelling do-gooders hadn’t kidnapped you from your homes as babies, altering history and making the world a better place through preventing you from becoming the warlords and dictators and corrupt CEOs that you otherwise would have been. As it turns out, the Paragon Institute is named aspirationally rather than descriptively…

‘The Paragon Institute’ is a larp for 30-40 people, based on John and Hank Green’s concept of the Evil Baby Orphanage, originating in their excellent Vlogbrothers You Tube series.