Chimera 2014 - The Countdown

32 days to go until Chimera 2014!

Chimera accommodation emails have gone out to everyone that’s requested to stay on site this year, and everyone has until July 27th to fill in the form with their roommate requests. The GMs have been asked to send out casting for their games by July 20th, so expect to hear from a lot of games about casting this week.

GMs, the gear requests are being taken now, all instructions are backstage :slight_smile:

Gareth H has had a fantastic overseas opportunity for work, and has regrettably had to pull out of Chimera, including his Saturday morning game, the Marques of Galatone. We wish him all the best! If anyone who isn’t already GMing a game would like to work with us to put on an alternative game for the players in that time slot, please get in touch.

Lastly, we have a number of spaces still to fill. Please invite your friends to Chimera, or if you’re already attending, think about picking up a few extra games :slight_smile:
Friday Night - 22 spaces
Saturday Morning - 11 spaces
Saturday Afternoon - 7 spaces plus unlimited in the Tourney
Saturday Night - 27 spaces
Sunday Morning - 10 spaces plus unlimited in Combat Zone
Sunday Afternoon - 18 spaces.

I’m already running that session, but if anyone wants to run a pre-written game, I have an extensive stash. If they want to try something with similar costuming to reduce hassle for the players of Galatone, I recommend “Betrothals and Betrayals”

25 days until Chimera!

News for the weeks:
“Betrothals and Betrayals” will be running as the replacement game for “The Marques of Galatone” and the players have been contacted. If you’re in “The Marques of Galatone” and haven’t heard from me, please get in touch!

Game Masters, please remember to put your gear requests into the Google spreadsheet, and that casting is due out today!

Accommodation forms have been coming in. You all still have a week to fill it in with your roommate requests.

The early bird discount expired this week, so any payments made after the 15th of July don’t qualify for it. Please remember payments are due by August 1st, unless otherwise arranged with me via email.

Thank you to everyone that’s been emailing me with questions, and for your patience if it’s taken me a day or two to reply. Please remember to not use Facebook, because Facebook is notorious for losing messages. The email is the way to go if you’re a player, and if you’re a GM, the game master forum works well too.

Lastly, we have a number of spaces still to fill. Please invite your friends to Chimera, or if you’re already attending, think about picking up a few extra games :slight_smile:
Friday Night
The Moor-stepper on Lloegyr - 4 spaces
The Morpho Project - 3 spaces
Taboo - 11 spaces
Muppets! The Larp - 1 space (male)

Saturday Morning
Multiverse: Unravelling the Skein of Fate - 8 spaces

Saturday Afternoon
Amnesia - 5 spaces
Boats Against the Current - 2 spaces
The Tournament of Champions - unlimited

Saturday Night
Dry Spell - 17 spaces
Party at the Paragon Institute - 2 spaces
Secrets of the Deep - 4 spaces

Sunday Morning
Combat Zone - unlimited
Romeo and Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter - 1 space
The Salem Witch Trials - 8 spaces

Sunday Afternoon
The Seven Deadly Virtues - 6 spaces
The Soap and the Opera - 9 spaces

Hmmmm there aren’t 17 spaces left in dry spell.

11 days to go!

Firstly, accommodation arrangements will be emailed out tomorrow evening, not tonight, sorry for the delay.

Secondly, everyone that has paid for catering and the convention will have received a confirmation email from us. If you haven’t got one of these confirmation emails, it means we haven’t received (or have accidentally overlooked) your payment, and you should get in touch with us.

Lastly, there’s been some confusion around catering: at Chimera, catering isn’t included in the base convention price because unlike most larp events, not all of our attendees are on site for the whole weekend and so do not need food for the whole time. It’s easier to have catering as an ‘opt in’ thing rather than try to extricate from our price for those only coming for one or two games. I apologise for any confusion over this.

11 days to go! (because yesterday was 12 and I counted wrong.)

Accommodation arrangements have been emailed out to everyone.

CATERING: We have 44 people who have said they’d like catering but have not paid or made arrangements yet. Payments for catering is still open, and we’d definitely love to feed you. Catering is $30 for five meals, and is separate to your convention fee.