Chimera 2014 - Game Spaces

Hi everyone,

Hungry Shark Week registrations have been processed, and everyone who registered should have received an email confirmation of their games. We still have some fantastic games available and seeking players - so if you haven’t signed up already, please think about coming along. If you HAVE signed up, recommend us to your friends :slight_smile:

Friday Night
The Moor-stepper on Lloegyr - 4 spaces
Super Villains of 1929 - 1 space (male)
Taboo - 1 space

Saturday Morning
Multiverse: Unravelling the Skein of Fate - 5 spaces
Betrothals and Betrayals - 1 space (female)
Sunset in the Silver City - 1 space

Saturday Afternoon
Amnesia - 2 spaces
Boats Against the Current - 1 space
The Tournament of Champions - unlimited

Saturday Night
Dry Spell - 5 spaces
Party at the Paragon Institute - 2 spaces

Sunday Morning
Combat Zone - unlimited
The Salem Witch Trials - 7 spaces

Sunday Afternoon
The Seven Deadly Virtues - 5 spaces
The Soap and the Opera - 9 spaces

This post has been updated with the latest game spaces :slight_smile:

Due to people having to withdraw from the convention, we have some extra spaces available at Chimera, including in previously full games!

Game spaces has been updated! We have room for another 7 or 8 people to join us for an awesome weekend of larping :slight_smile: