Chimera 2014 - Call for Flagship Style Game(s) of 60 Players

This year, due to the growth of the event, and level of effort it takes to generate the massive flagships of the past, Chimera is doing something a bit different. This year, on Saturday night, there is a triumvirate flagship: THREE big games will be running concurrently. We have locked in one of those games as the Hydra 2013 flagship, “Dry Spell” (set in the universe of Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files”). But Chimera needs another two great larps for 60 people!

If you are interested in taking the job on, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Your game will need to accommodate between 50-60 people.
  • The writing team will probably need to consist of at least 3-4 people.
  • The writing team will also have partial responsibility towards the setting dressing of the event. The writing team will need to provide a set dressing brief that is within the reasonable budget provided by the convention.
  • The writing team will need to work closely with the Chimera organisational team, more so than the GMs for the other games, as the Big Larp is a pivotal part of the convention.
  • The game needs to be mainstream in tone. While Chimera is R16 in general, the content needs to be suitable for as wide a variety of people as possible.
  • You will need to have excellent, prompt and friendly communication with players regarding their queries.
  • You will need to remember that quality needs to be high because this is one of the larps that we market the convention on and this is the larp that people could be trying for the first time. Also, I’m an absolute tyrant. Just warning you.

Expressions of interest/bids can be sent to The more information you can include on who your writing team is, the description of the game, ideas for set dressing on a limited budget and if you have a set dressing team arranged. Basically, I’m looking for a head writer and team that have demonstrated that they have put a lot of thought into how to make their great idea a reality and have an understanding of the volume of work involved. It is time Chimera moved away from inducing nervous breakdowns in its flagship writers!

Looking forward to hearing what you all come up with!