Chimera 2013 Favourite Moments

Was there more than one sheep plot? :wink:

Those sheep weren’t stolen - Thomas Wooler was legitimately selling sheep as part of a futures arrangement. And while you ended up with no land, having sheep meant you would probably land on your feet.

Was there more than one sheep plot? :wink:[/quote]


This was my first Chimera, and I loved every moment. Everyone I interacted with was awesome, even if I was too shy to say so between games!

Bad Dreams: Electric Sheep: It was a lot of fun to play a spoiled, eccentric rich girl who’d clearly learned everything she knew about star-crossed love from a Taylor Swift song. Going from a mindset of wanting my boyfriend to drink himself to death to actually giving a damn about him while falling more and more in love with his mysterious bodyguard was awesome. Though I have to echo Russ’ best moment with that horrible death scene: I didn’t see the ripping, but when I saw those two walk into the back room and heard the ensuing screams, I freaked out. Some problems can’t be fixed with money (though 60k should be enough to keep scavengers away from a body).

Run the Heart: A great game. Things went from unfortunate to bad to worse quickly, so an ultimately happy ending was the last thing I’d expected. One moment that sticks out to me is a very long-winded discussion about doors and keys as a metaphor for problems and solutions. And props to Andreas for having me convinced he was trustworthy, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The Phoenix Project: Working with Claire to keep the NSA happy while getting as much footage as possible while hoping the psychics weren’t going to blow our cover. The briefing video was a nice touch, and a great lead-up to the horrors of the experiment. I still need to upload everything to my computer so I can send it off to David.

The Rose and the Dragon: I really loved the Woodcutters. We were such a close group, basically family, and always there for the others. All my concerns over my husband trying to go off to join the army got resolved with a compromise, so with that burden off my mind I could focus on other things, like matchmaking. Everything just clicked into place once I’d decided to take Sparrow on as my apprentice, and we insistently nudged her and Chris together until magic happened. One moment that vividly sticks out was when we in the War Camp, then looking over at one of the tents and seeing Mila emerge with a soldier calling after her how “that had never happened before”.

Party Down at the Glass House: My much-adored younger sister ran manipulative rings around me the whole game. The challenges were fun, even though I had to drop out of the algebra race immediately - but it was so fitting for Fraser and his periwinkle sweater to win.

No Quarter: I was so torn between loyalties that it was a massive relief to hear that my new family wanted to come with the not-at-all-intimidating military people. It was impossible to trust anyone totally - I had to lie to my superior in the hopes of protecting the people I cared about, but I had to lie to the family as well. And lying to Lucia, who was so brave and kind, just broke my heart. Three hours of slow-boiling guilt and anxiety led to a very unhappy resolution, even though it was technically what I’d hoped for. My new family would be coming home with me, but there was no way to feel good about it.

My favourite times at Raids at dusk were when the team I was in won 3 times, and watching Daniel teach young Wayne how to fight with a spear. 8)

It’s been gnawing at me for months and I am simply dying of curiosity (I had to leave early and so was unable to listen to the wrap-up after the game) - how exactly did The Rose and the Dragon end? Who did the Thameslys end up siding with? I think we switched sides halfway through all the violence.

Please have mercy and take pity on me! WHAT BECAME OF MY FAMILY?!