Chimera 2013 Favourite Moments

Because we absolutely need one of these threads! One a related note, did someone get a high resolution image of the Wall of Awesome?

I had a great time at this Chimera, as I always do. I thought I’d share a couple of favourite moments to get things started, because I’m tired, and because the entire list of favourite moments is quite long.

Seeing both of the games that Linda and I wrote being brought to life was absolutely fantastic, filled with awesome moments. From the Friday run of Evil Overlord Society, the moment I have to pick is when Andreas as Meeting Chairperson seamlessly slipped a line from Doctor Horrible’s Singalong Blog into his dialogue. Then half the room joined in with the quote. It was so awesome I had to jump up and down on the spot!

Watching an epic showdown between two of my best friends which resulted in our Captain’s Table larp outcome being reduced to a single rock paper scissors! Intense. I really liked the roleplaying of both Michael and Stephen, you stayed true to your character despite the outcome, and the ending was all the better for it. Great to see!

I loved being Edwin Faulkner, the steward of Thamesly. Simply put, I was so able to be the character, that at many moments I became completely immersed in the world. I reckon that one of the best moments there was finding myself dancing with my Niece and Sister. While we were enjoying a great time celebrating, I started to overhear some of the other interesting plot that had started to emerge in the village! I wish I could recall the name of the player of Joan Ayling right now. Clare B did a great job of playing my niece in that scene. Many thanks for the dance!

Let’s hear one or two of your favourite moments. It is an uplifting feeling to know you were part of someone’s game, so be sure to mention those people as well!

Bad Dreams: Electric Sheep: “fuck it, burn it all down”. Pretty much the perfect cyberpunk ending.

Run the Heart: the discussion with [REDACTED] about how she was using my android for [REDACTED] and not paying me for it.

New Voices in Art: after a bad start (I was very short of time, had not properly set up the room, and was horribly flustered; thanks to Beth for stepping in and helping me get everything organised), seeing the game start and the insanity begin as people grabbed the monologue mechanic and ran with it. And now, I expect to see a lot more monologuing in games, mwahahaha.

In Rose & Dragon, seeing Osbert’s players walk in and start performing. There’s a certain squee to seeing people bring characters to life in exactly the way you envisioned, and they were fabulous at it.

Rose & Dragon, seeing so many of the villager’s plotlines come to happy conclusions. You worked hard, but you proved a man innocent, punished the corrupt, changed the economy of your village, and laid the foundations for a better life for your children and grandchildren. Some of you even managed to become Free!

Robin Hood: as Sheriff of Nottingham, getting what I deserved.

Victoria Junction: the sheer insanity of it all.

Of the games I played Victoria Junction was insane in the best way, Phoenix Project had some awesome set dressing and I had a blast with my fellow NSA (literally!) and I had so much fun with the Thamsely family and all the noble court in the Rose and the Dragon!

Seeing the costuming people pulled together for our games Evil Overlord and Captain’s Table was something I’ve been looking forward to for such a long time and as a first time game-writer and GM it was so good to see people enjoying our work. When you get a player doubled over in laughter you know You’re Doing It Right.

My favourite moment of Evil Overlord was when one of our mechanics came into play- some people had Special Orders according to their skills- mechanical, bio-mechanical, chemical, mystic, etc, to make something as requested by a fellow Overlord or Henchperson. These Special Orders had an effect and a side effect as decided by the GM upon request for one. One player came to me for a request for a serum for ‘Ultimate Power’. So I thought, grinned and wrote this on the card:
‘Ultimate Power! Ultimate Knowledge! The cosmos is yours to command!’
‘Your head explodes 5 min later.’

Something else I loved about the entire weekend was the buzz that was in the air (not the one from all the Red Bull and coffee fumes :wink: ). Chimera has an awesome atmosphere around it- people coming from all over NZ and even from around the world to get together with others, have a blast and spend time in great company. There are so many people involved and in so many different ways to pull together an amazing event.

Favourite things about each game:

Bad Dreams: That moment when I first checked out the local net, and my brain got flooded with terabytes of porn. I may have decided to just sit there enjoying it for a few minutes…

Captain’s Table: Lying through my teeth to get Dave, Allen and Tim’s characters on board for my plan to “save the day” / “kill everyone and become immortal”.

New Voices in Art: Both the constant wankery, and Prema’s (at least I’m pretty sure it was Prema - hazy memory as I’m still kinda tired) “Oh no, don’t worry, it’s just the wine getting to me I HATE HIM WHY WON’T HE GO AWAY we’re okay.” Ah, inner monologues :smiley:

Rose and the Dragon: Being PTSD-buddies with Vanya - “Honour and glory are the lies we tell ourselves so we can get to sleep at night.”

Bilgerats and Buccaneers: Having a run of extremely good luck with rock-paper-scissors, which led to Dagger Avery avoiding getting his throat slit in a surprise attack, then winning not one, but TWO fights. They don’t call me “Dagger” because of my razor-sharp wit, scallawags! (well, except when they do.) Oh, and skipping out on the big showdown to go nab the Fountain of Youth. We TOTALLY won, Mateys!

No Quarter: Just being kind of an ass and not giving anyone any respect, no matter how big the gun (or hacksaw) they were pointing at me was.

I gentleman never tells.

“Perks! Find this man’s fleas!” (Hur hur hur.)

Thank you everyone who came to Victoria Junction, you all totally brought the awesome and the crazy. :slight_smile: To give full credit, this was written by Nickey Barnard, Jerry Elsmore, Alex Jones, Sue Lee, Tym Norris, Mark Steedman, who kindly let me rerun it here.

It was great seeing everyone again, both as friends and fellow roleplayers. Some of my standout moments:

  • Pastor Prickle Dimly extolling the virtues of “Wuv! Twue wuv…” in Tesla’s Wedding
  • Someone using a plant as a declaration of love (that was another Tesla’s Wedding special)
  • Getting a thoroughly happy ending in the Rose and the Dragon (and finding out after the game was over about all the sordid undercurrents that I’d completely missed)
  • Singalongs with monsters (I can’t get that damn song out of my head, now. Grr.)
  • Pretty much all of Victoria Junction, really - that went way more chaotically than I’d expected. Yay!

EDIT: Also, I heard that both Rob and Linda were going well out of their way to look after people - Thank You! You are officially wonderful people!

I’m pretty sure that you did tell. :wink:

I’m pretty sure that you did tell. :wink:[/quote]

True. Maybe “a gentleman never posts the video online” then?

Or maybe that just proves I’m not a gentleman.

My favourite moment is probably what Derek is referencing which is kind of NSFW but was hands-down (or should I say ‘shirts-up’) one of the funniest mis-communications I’ve ever been a part of.

I only made it for one game - student life! oh the unending suffering :stuck_out_tongue: - but The Rose and The Dragon was AMAZING (also my first Chimera)! My highlights include sneaking out of the Great Hall whenever possible (and keeping an eye out for the Steward) to go and play commoner. Complete with REALLY bad lies - “Oh, Percival said something like x” “Percival?! You cannot mean Percival Thamesly?” “What? NO! I, uh, could never be in such esteemed company. Hah. Hahaha. I mean another Percival - YOU WOULDN’T KNOW HIM.”

The Thamesly family was, in general, a complete joy to LARP with - I loved the running joke that was my fallen wimple. My elder sister was ever so wise and always provided good counsel - even if most of that counsel was along the lines of, “ALICE, YOUR WIMPLE/NO SWORDS/STOP GOING TO THE VILLAGE”. Margaret De Vere was WONDERFUL - our first interaction was a stand-out among stand-outs! The giggling we did! The GOSSIPING! 'twas glorious! It’s such a shame we never were able to sneak out together.

The parade was SUPERB! Massive respect to whoever was responsible for the MAGNIFICENT dragon! And to the dragon-bearer, who made a very fine dragon indeed.

The Rose and the Dragon was basically endlessly wonderful - a monstrously large thank you to EVERYONE who helped make it so joyous! The set dressers (and those who made the sets), those who helped organise everything, the Game Masters and writers, all those people who do jobs I don’t even know were done and, of course, ALL of the LARPers - the work everyone put into their costumes was AMAZING, as well as the sheer QUANTITY of costumes (and people!)! The whole atmosphere and environment was wondrous - it truly felt as if I were in a 13th Century English village. I would probably have been quite happy to LARP until sunrise!

  • Trading songs between Monsters and Kids on Friday night. Though - That Song became an earworm for the rest of the weekend. "These improper goings on between you and my sister will not do! Do you want her soul to burn in hell? You must - soft kitty, warm kitty, little…

  • Miss Lanstead and Dr Tailer purchasing the Teapot of Enlightenment from Mechanical Turkey for an undisclosed sum of money and Apple Melancholy’s Hand in Marriage. (I… really hope Apple Melancholy was okay with this.) And, of course, their reactions to the coffee.

  • Lucia Shiningstar’s incessant and ingenious plans of villainy. “I want to miniaturise the Gracious Farewell so I can carry it around in my pocket!”

  • Melusine using her pet tree as a romantic go-between. Awwwww…

  • “Mawwidge. What is mawwidge…”

  • The sky pirates’ rifling of the mail - after they’d stolen a great deal of money, insisting on delivering the proposal of marriage. And their energetic rendition of “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor” as they sailed off to victory!

  • In Victoria Junction, the constant cries of “PERKS!!” Also, the chef insisting that the kitchen was locked and he couldn’t find the key, then going off to sleep in the corner.

Oh lord, how did I forget this? In Bilgerats, Anna’s plaintive cries of “Won’t someone think of the whores??”

My favourite moment of the convention was Matt Read and Rob Shaw’s spirited four-tentacled Davy Jones blowing raspberries at, and farting in the general direction of, Poseidon King of the Seas in the finale of Bilgerats and Buccaneers.

Second favourite was interrogating Patrick’s character in Rose and the Dragon as to why on earth he was digging graves. In the middle of the night. On May Day.

Such an awesome weekend, so many highlights, couldn’t list them all but here’s a few:

Monster vs Monsters - All the costumes where awesome, especially the monsters. I also love roleplaying with Liz, you were awesome!

The Captains Table - Chris, my dear friend, you make an excellent Centauri!

New Voices in Art - I was very dubious about how this game would be, but it turned out to be one of the highlights of my weekend. Very cool, loved the inner monologue externalized mechanic, it created a very fun game. I especially loved having an emotional outburst about everyone finding penis imagery in my portrait of my grandmother… hilarious!

The Rose and the Dragon - Definitely the highlight of my weekend, loved it from beginning till end. I really loved the dynamic of the four camps, the greenwood was awesomely eclectic. However the highlight was roleplaying with my fellow wisewomen - Ellen and Michelle you guys were awesome, especially since you ran around after me the whole night, and looked after my wayward ways. I really love playing the type of character who just goes out and creates things to do, thanks the Matt and Helen for writing her, she’s awesome!

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow - This game couldn’t have gone better! I had such a great bunch of players, I can’t believe how great the ending was it felt like a real Robin Hood tale coming to life, complete with Sheriff in jail, two marriages, the ranks of the merry men swollen and a disgruntled Prince John. You guys were all amazing, thanks for playing!

As We Waltzed on - Loved all the costumes and the dancing (even if I was a bit tired to focus properly), I’ve always wanted to plays more larps where dancing is involved.

[quote=“Crowbolt”]I only made it for one game - student life! oh the unending suffering :stuck_out_tongue: - but The Rose and The Dragon was AMAZING (also my first Chimera)! My highlights include sneaking out of the Great Hall whenever possible (and keeping an eye out for the Steward) to go and play commoner.
The whole atmosphere and environment was wondrous - it truly felt as if I were in a 13th Century English village. I would probably have been quite happy to LARP until sunrise![/quote]

I too felt like I was in a 13th Century village. You’re lucky I, the Steward, didn’t run into you down at the said village when I was there. glowers

I had so many favourite moments that I am struggling to remember them all, and I don’t want to post any spoilers for games that really deserve a rerun, but here goes.

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow was my absolute favourite game of the weekend. I think I enjoyed every moment of it but one of the highlights were being forced to drink 4 drinks in a row by Alan-a-Dale, Friar Tuck and Midge despite my protests that I couldn’t handle my ale. I then got a firm telling off by Maid Marian who was less than impressed that I was making a spectacle of myself. Robbo, you did it brilliantly, putting drinks in my hand in a way I just couldn’t stop.

I also loved all my interactions with Will, Robert and Richard, the three of you made my game :smiley:, especially at the end when you finally revealled the truth to me. I can’t say too much without spoilers but you three were perfect.

I loved the perfect Robing Hood ending, I don’t think it could have gone any better.

Flight 665 I loved telling my best friend that I hated her and then later delivering her baby. Note to self, never try to deliver a baby wearing a mini skirt, boots and a wig covering your eyes.

My family in No Quarter were just the best, thank you so much for the roleplaying. I loved the tension right at the begining of the game, when we had no idea who the outsiders were, and whether they would be friendly or would just rob and murder us all. Waiting inside with just a knife for a weapon when the men (including the man I loved) were outside kicked off the game with just the right level of paranoia.

Having the shelter’s air compromised and realising that I had no breathing mask and would soon die (and any chance for a cure with me) and having JP (Rob Shaw) pull of his own mask and put it on me against my protests.

The very end when the soldiers were taking us all back and shooting anyone infected, knowing that my love JP was scratched and they would kill him if they found out, and then watching Jules (Martin) die and John (Russ) crying over him and get splattered with his blood and knowing I had to protect my family somehow and so threatening the soldiers that I would destroy the cure if he were killed. I thought we might end up with a tragedy ending but luckily Scott saw sense :stuck_out_tongue:.

Struck to the Quick was a lot of fun, standout moments for me would have been refusing to switch back Alonso and Antonio (I think?) because I thought that they were just being fickle and making up stories so I would switch back their roles. Also loved that my two best friends confessed their love for me within 10 minutes of each other. How’s a girl supposed to choose? :wink: Nick and Muppet you were both awesome.

The Rose and the Dragon favourite moment was stealing gold beads off the nobles table right under the nose of the Abbess. Special thanks to Tigger for playing Papa to my Mama and helping make the night a success. I wouldn’t have enjoyed the game nearly half as much without you.

I’m sure there are sooo many more moments that I just can’t think of right now. Still buzzing with the post Chimera high :smiley:

I know I’ll have already forgotten a whole lot of the best bits, but here goes:

Meeting our overseas visitors, and getting to play with some of them. Also having people turn up to the registration desk on Friday night already in costume and being unable to recognise them :smiley:

Having the lovely Kim and her excellent helpers cooking for me.

Pretty much deliberately sending my straight-laced character onto potentially quite a bad path at the end of Monsters vs Monsters, in that he planned to start hanging out with the trouble child. Taking my shirt off, to comments of “Don’t be weird man”, only for other children to comment that the t-shirt underneath was actually pretty cool. Telling one of the monsters (who were obviously totally just high school seniors trying to play pranks on the children, really) that he must be like, a whole four or five years or something older but he was making us children look like the mature ones.

Doing mind-melds in The Captain’s Table. And actually getting involved in a logical argument with another character (I was playing a Star Trek Vulcan you see).

Finding out that my assigned artwork was the knitted uterus in New Voices in Art. Which was made better when I saw that my opinion on it was “This is the best I have ever done”. Monologuing that one of the women I was talking to at one point was hot and I wished the other two people would go away, and the moment I finished my monologue said woman moving very far away from me. Hearing one guy saying how his artwork was basically all about his mummy issues, and then monologuing that he should really call his mother.

Ending the Rose & Dragon standing in front of the Baroness standing ready to protect her from whoever her enemies now were (I was the head of her household knights, so it was where I was meant to be). The complete non-sequitir of having on the nobles’ sons suddenly stabbed in the back by (from my perspective) some totally random crazy woman during the tense standoff between the nobles at the end. Knighting someone during the course of the game.

Pretty much everything about Robin Hood & the Golden Arrow. I think my character was exactly what I was hoping for in that game, perhaps moreso than I consciously was aware of when I filled out the casting questionnaire. I’m still giggling at the exchange I had with the Friar, who was suggesting that I should apologise to him, but of course playing the biggest douche in England I interpreted it as he was apologising to me for some unknown reason. Getting to watch the Prince argue with his mother at the end.

Performing an autopsy in the middle of A Night at the Museum. Being taken into the toilets by Tesla (who promptly turned out the lights when we got in there).

I had a great time at Chimera. It was my first experience GMing a LARP - and I did it twice!

Bad Dreams - GM
I loved the atmosphere we created that the players willingly submitted to and improved with their roleplaying.
As the player GM, questions were quite frequently amusing and challenging.
I liked seeing the involvement and life that people put into the characters Vanya and I spent a great deal of time writing.
Players jacking and hacking into the net was thoroughly entertaining for me. (See Krintar’s post).
Thank you everyone involved with that game.

Captain’s Table - Bra’Tac - SG1
Great fun there. Roleplay with Tim, Dave and Stephen was great. Shooting Q from Trek was a hoot. Finding out Tim’s character was super meta amusement and IC great confusion, especially with Sam Carter (Cheryl) explaining (as she would in the TV show - great roleplay btw) all the complexities that made the situation technical when I as a warrior wanted the simple facts and to come to the conclusion to make a choice of how to respond.

Phoenix Project - Dr Hollzman
This was insane. As the leading medical officer I demand more upfront information about why these people keep turning up in my medical bay full of life-threatening and recklessly achieved injury! Great game. I honestly expected a different outcome. Nice touch with the information video from Ruzzo. TK & Kirk, you two… shakes head - I think it was Raoul, Gaffy and Matt Read who I helped the most, not that I knew what I was helping with. Using my medical jurisdiction to free prisoners gave me the sense of power that the Dr title gave me over certain situations. Thank you Ben for being a coma patient for so long. Matt Swain you … you…

Flagship - Nice Peter (the Woodward) - Village
Honestly this game was so well written for being as big as it was. Kudos, team flagship. I was a horrible person, greedy and selfish. Loved it. I went around securing friends where I could, correcting “rumours” where I could, all for the purposes of ensuring my survival. Turned out my good smiley friend Simon Wood (Jarratt) was trying to get rid of me. I trusted you :’( … I had no idea until after the game.
I ended up being recruited into the war camp - army under Captain (Derek) fairly early on where they happened to be looking into sheep poachers… so I had a familiar task to start with. Oh the SHEEP. How many people were involved in that mess? Yikes.
I was then in the Greenwood following leads - Finally catching up with my forest contacts.
Then I somehow ended up in the Great Hall, and Lord (Hamish) and Lady (Nikki) paid me for bringing back Reuben and Bethany from just outside… paid me well. So I stuck around, for a while. I’m not certain how many of my “goals” I secured, but I think helping save a lady’s life at the end may have earned me enough to buy my freedom?
Best RP in this was definitely with Paul Taylor - Roger Notegood. Going from a shifty man to a drunk and hilarious shifty man. Just the sort I’d give a job to…

Steampunk alive! - Baldrick the Second - (Sir - whatever that means)
From last years nonsense that took place with Joe’s creation I knew I had to play in it again, and when offered Baldrick again I was thoroughly excited. I can’t remember all the nonsense that came out of my mouth but I know I helped a few people have a silly time. The Jack in the Box chronology with Jono was hilarious. Marrying Moist Lipstick to prove she was a woman… ballsy. Killing Dredd for attempting to confiscate my weapon for the second time, and then turning it on poor unwitting Jono (Alphabet Soup Murdock). And finally Russian roulette with Vincent the cross-dressing psychic’s grandchild (Cloudy) - I’m sure I ended up taking six turns…

No Quarter - GM
My first baby! I was happy to see this one completed breathes. It went amazingly well, considering all I had to go on was how I’d experienced GMs as a player… that and a trial GMing in Bad Dreams at the start of the weekend. I had a blast. Sure I panicked a few times but thanks to Nik and a collection of awesome players it was a great game.
I’d like to thank Fraser for being such an amazing and dedicated mutant… okay I’ll be honest, zombie. - My favourite moment of the weekend would have to be Nik calling ‘game end’ and Fraser’s arm dragging along the ground entering my peripheral as he was attempting to reach the survivors who were congregated outside.
Great moments from everyone. It was fun seeing the character interactions develop and unravel.
It looked like everyone had a good time. I hope it wasn’t too meta, playing in a survivors game after surviving the previous 5 rounds. Everyone seemed to give more energy to the game than they should have had at that point. Thank you very much!

[quote=“Lady Prema”]The Rose and the Dragon - Definitely the highlight of my weekend, loved it from beginning till end. I really loved the dynamic of the four camps, the greenwood was awesomely eclectic. However the highlight was roleplaying with my fellow wisewomen - Ellen and Michelle you guys were awesome, especially since you ran around after me the whole night, and looked after my wayward ways. I really love playing the type of character who just goes out and creates things to do, thanks the Matt and Helen for writing her, she’s awesome![/quote] :smiley: Thanks Prema :smiley: Credit also needs to go to Jackie who came up with the concepts and initial plots for the “wise women” (they’re still called Witches in our prep docs :wink: )

[quote=“kharnak”]Phoenix Project - Dr Hollzman
This was insane. As the leading medical officer I demand more upfront information about why these people keep turning up in my medical bay full of life-threatening and recklessly achieved injury! Great game. I honestly expected a different outcome. Nice touch with the information video from Ruzzo. TK & Kirk, you two… shakes head - I think it was Raoul, Gaffy and Matt Read who I helped the most, not that I knew what I was helping with. Using my medical jurisdiction to free prisoners gave me the sense of power that the Dr title gave me over certain situations. Thank you Ben for being a coma patient for so long. Matt Swain you … you…[/quote]I have no idea to what you are referring, Dr Hollzman. Go back to your lab and do your work, would you? :wink:

Hoo boy, I guess while I’m here I should do this too… There are a couple of different themes running through this, spot the trends :wink:

Evil Overlord Society
Character: Captain Black. Final Status: Deceased
Had a blast at this one. Not going to spoil the plot (I assume this will be run again - it should be!) but really enjoyed messing around with people a bit, wheeling and dealing, getting what I was after then getting it taken off me, got myself the most awesome minion ever (thanks Serena!) and really enjoyed the manner of my death. I was attacked by another Overlord, whom I defeated in combat. I was then attacked by his “ally”, whom I also defeated. I turn around, and get shot. By a freakin MINION. What an inglorious end to a spectacular career. Really cool game and just the right thing to kick the weekend off with.

Tesla’s Wedding
Character: Pierre de L’Eclaire, Groom. Final Status: Happily married :smiley:
A really interesting setting which (if I must be honest) my character wasn’t that involved with. There were a BUNCH of plots going on of which I was completely unaware, my goal in life being to marry my darling Tesla von und zu Drakenwyrm, which I duly did. Special props to Patch as the frankly terrifying “Cousin Bernard” who wanted - quite rightly - to know what it was his favourite cousin saw in me, although he did warm up after talking with the rest of my family (thanks to my brother Simon (Nick Pitt) and Cousin Eugenie (Aurelie Houdelette) for sorting him out) :slight_smile: A game with great potential, I was playing as a mundane character in a decidedly non-mundane world.

The Phoenix Project
Character: Dr Scott Granger, scientist. Final Status: Running for his life
Well now. This didn’t quite go the way I was expecting it to, although it was certainly heading in the right direction. Dr Granger recognised very early on that either a) funding was going to get cut with extreme prejudice, or b) there would be very few survivors… as a result he was trying to talk to those people he thought would be capable of re-starting the project into a special team. That didn’t include very many members of the original team, with the possible exception of Dr Hamilton who at least knew what she was talking about. However things went According To Plan (not his plan, unfortunately) before he could make the pitch and so things just got very interesting for him.

The Rose and The Dragon (As a GM)
Character: Fillbert Chaucey, random forest dweller. Final Status: Glad it’s over :slight_smile:
I was pretty worried about how this game was going to go; it had a number of elements which hadn’t been tried in a flagship larp before (off the top of my head: four separate but connected games; foam weapon combat in a flagship; historically accurate (i.e. no fantasy elements); characters who (generally speaking) didn’t have driving goals but were just presented to the players “as-is”) but it seemed to go off pretty well. Something I didn’t anticipate (but probably should have) is two of our major groups (The Travellers and the Woodsmen) pretty much taking off from the Greenwood to do their respective things in other locations. The Greenwood game suffered a lot from the Real Life troubles of all three of the writers, and to be honest I wasn’t that happy with how it turned out - in particular, whether the characters were interesting enough. However, the players all took what we gave them and breathed life into the characters and ran with it, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you all for playing.

Bilgerats and Buccaneers
Character: Nathanial “No Quarter” Hayes. Final Status: Deceased
A fun romp through Piratical times. Again I can’t say much because of spoilers, but I had a great time trying to figure out how to accomplish my personal goals, the goals of the people who got to tell me what to do, and also trying to maneuver my way through the Captain’s contest. I challenged one of the Captains to a duel to the death, and had a very cool swordfight which went hammer and tongs for a while until it slowed down dramatically when we were both reduced to 1 hit point. Unfortunately the last blow went to my opponent and the only person who could have saved me life was the same person who wanted me dead… Ah well. Although aware of the existence of such things, Mr Hayes was a mundane character (albeit a very interesting one) in a decidedly non-mundane world.

A Night at the Museum
Character: Dr Albert P. Stanford Final Status: Deceased
A really good game to end the con with, I really enjoyed this one. Dave Agnew as Tesla was amazing, and the characters I interacted with were at the same time iconic, charicatured, and intriguing. Without giving too much away, I saw Dr Stanford’s demise coming from before the game started, so was totally prepared for it when Mani (GM) came over and gave me the “bad news” :wink:. Once again, a mundane character in what turns out to be a non-mundane world.

So. 3 out of 5 characters dead (and another looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life), but more importantly, I seem to have acquired the weirdly specific typecasting of “doesn’t know what’s really going on/how the world works”. I would say it’s a fluke, but I had exactly the same type of role in the last larp I played down here in Dunedin, too… very odd!

I had a great time at Chimera again, and will definitely be back. I will definitely not be writing or running the flagship though :stuck_out_tongue:

Fall of the Jaguar Gods - Probably the most leading role I’ve ever had in a larp. Amazing fun standing off and roleplaying against Cit-Chih-Coh (Kerry Pellett). Thanks to the players helping me kill off his priest, it seemed to stop the call for sacrifices (Sorry Tim!) A great game all round!

Flight 665 - This game I hadn’t actually signed up for but I had the morning free and Yahn needed someone to fill in and I am oh so glad I did. Being seduced by a female flight attendant was fantastic! I love the quote from Cloudy - Ï believe in peace and love too…FREEEEEEE love"…önly to then turn gay after the act. Norah you were amazing as my fiance and it was so much fun roleplaying with you. I’ve always avoided romance plots but I’m glad I gave it a shot.

Phoenix Project - Finally a military style game and with Patch as our NSA leader I knew it was gonna be fun. Thanks David I know you were quite stressed out before hand but you pulled it off amazingly. High point was hacking the system and sending all the “NSA” info off to the CIA. Walking around holding my shirt button out which was actually a camera and nobody even being suspicious.

The Rose and the Dragon - A fun night started in the forest with my fellow army deserters. Walking into the village to see the captain of the guard and sprinting straight back out was quite funny. I do wish I had stayed a deserter tho, when I returned to the unit it sorta became an NPC generic soldier role. Still fun tho but more fun running and hiding and enjoying the music round the greenwood fire.

Bilgerats and Bucaneers - A very classic style pirate larp. Sadly my paper/scissors/rock skills were lacking and most combat ended up with me on my backside. I did however manage to steal my captains heart of gold and trade it to the soul dealer for my soul back. Davy Jones you were FAAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC. Even as the captain of the dingy i couldnt help but laugh everytime you spoke to me. The thing that really made this larp amazing was the extremely cheesy pirate accents.

A Night At The Museum - Finally it came to running my game. By this time I expected the players to be so tired they couldnt focus on their characters but it was quite the opposite. The players were amazing and the game went so much better than I expected. The jewel thief and the starlett stirred up so much trouble it was fantastic. Tesla you were amazing. The girl who played my daughter, you are a fantastic roleplayer, I loved how nervous you were to tell me what you wanted to say and it was perfect timing on the players part to keep interupting me and make it harder for you. And our little bit of cheesiness for the game, Jaques Clouseau, you played the part perfect and ended with the quote of the game which I may not explain because it will give the ending away for those who with to play it in the future. I could spend all day listing the characters and how amazing they were but this would just drag on so I will thank the rest of you in person for the rest of my days for making it such a memorable experience.

On an end note - my room mates were amazing, I have never laughed so much at a larp ever. Mowgli A for life!