Character submissions - Session 1


As the first session date has now been decided, I’m also setting the character deadline.

[size=150]All PCs must be submitted by May 1st. [/size]

Anyone wanting to crew please email me on or PM me here.


I’ve been asked how many people I’ll be accepting into the game. At this stage I have no limit. But I reserve the right to change my mind :smiley:

So if you want to ensure a spot, get a character in sooner rather than later!


Just to make sure there is no confusion, a player limit is now in place.

[size=150]I will accept the first 25 characters submitted before May 1st[/size]


If we’ve already submitted a character but need to alter it 'cos of the recent rule changes, or we still have questions, or you haven’t got back to us, does that count?


Same. I want to swap a skill, ask some questions and probably change my name. :smiley:


If you’ve provided a first draft then it counts. Ideally final characters will be in by may 1 so I can plot things out and establish npcs.


Ta muchly. Any comments on my 2nd character draft? (feel free to send an email…)


See this facebook post in the FB group for some costume inspirations I have rustled up.

Just because.


Those were fantastic pics!