Character Sheets?

I’ve gotten some basic costuming information for all my games, but no character sheets yet, and I’m feeling a little bereft. :wink: (Meep.)

Is there any chance of getting character sheets sometime soon? My short term memory isn’t the greatest, and I’m going to have a hard time remembering important details if I get it all at the last minute.


GMs have been told to have full character sheets out by the 9th, IIRC. Some GMs have already sent them out, including “Call of the Wild Hunt” and “World Summit of Evil”.

(In the case of Delicious Friends, I’ve discovered an unpleasant bug in larpwriter while trying to put the finishing touches to things. But they’ll be out by the deadline)

I have a night in the Dragon Inn, Call of the Wild Hunt, Summit of Evil.

Bayou is confirmed by Anna to be sent on the 9th.

I’m pretty confident we’ll have the Flagship Character sheets out by the 9th as well. There might be the odd change on a few sheets, pending player / character confirmations etc. But no major changes after the 9th. I get really excited when I get to mark a sheet 100% complete, I think there’s going to be a lot of fun, or at least I hope there will be. :blush:

Everyone who was signed up for The Office Christmas Party should have had their character sheets a week ago. If anyone hasn’t, please contact your IT support desk immediately ( ie email hannah dot vettori at gmail dot com)

I love long weekends. I’ll even be house sitting so should be able to avoid non-internet or cat based distractions. :laughing: