Character Connections


Looking to join the next game.

I’m getting my best mate into LARPing, he’s keen to come with me from Auckland to try out 33AR! :smiley:

So we are coming as a Duo of Travelling Merchants.

The factions that interest me are:
Honourable East India Company
Royal Mail
Union of the Gear

Also having travelled around we may have come across people from other factions, doing their thing that may have needed goods, medicine or weapons, so who knows we may have exchanged telegraph details…
Plus I haven’t established when and how I came to be on the Island so any assistance with a reason (other than travelling around as we are already doing) fire away your ideas.

Contact me via PM if you want some secret dealings or other sneaky background stuff. Otherwise post here and let me know if you think we may have met!

My char is Jane. She’s with the Royal Mail and will be delivering across Europe, Asia and Africa until the next session. She’s a pretty good engineer, with a very distinctive hat.

Jane’s hat is the best thing in the 33AR universe. True story. :smiley:

My character, Esther, has spent the six months between sessions travelling around Europe and Asia trying to locate a missing uncle and occasionally doing work for the Church of Van Helsing, of which she’s a member. She’s also a medic, so encountering someone peddling supplies might be useful.

I play Ivy, one of the Gypsies and also a member of the Queen’s Bodyguard. I will often have had need of someone to on sell certain… shall we say ‘hot’ items to, in the past. If you would be interested in such things?