Chaaaaaaaaaaracter sheets

We can haz? We need prep time to write you all plot.

We (the dreaded gypsies) are have a meeting on Sunday, will send you a group overview and something about characters ASAP.


Yip I’ve sent a few question through. So can get it finalised once I have some feedback and clear up a couple of things with the ‘family’.

Have my character 80% written. Just need to fill in the blanks. :slight_smile:

Am on second draft, looking for people to be in my background. When’s the deadline?

From another post, august. But obviously the earlier it’s in the more the GMs can write.

Now that Teonn is over I’ll try and go back to my concept - I know I had some ideas about what skills I’d have, but need to actually make some decisions.


Took me long enough, but the sheet is now in.

Can one of the GM’s be kind enough to let me know if i have actually organized all the character stuff i need to at this point and if you do have a character sheet for me or do i have to try and get something done. i remember a long conversation with Mel and Thom at a party but it was a while ago and i have since lost the plot again :frowning: repeatedly even