Cerberus Website is live

The Cerberus Website is live with this year’s information! If you have not registered on the site before, player registrations are open - if you have you will be able to log in using the same username and password you used last year (or the year before). Game registrations open on Friday - that’s tomorrow! - but now all the games except the Flagship are up there for you to see.

Go to https://cerberus.nzlarps.org/ and check it out!



Cerberus game selection is now open! Head to https://cerberus.nzlarps.org, log in and click on the “Register” button to let us know your accommodation, dietary, and other requirements (apologies if you have done this already, I had to clear the database out last night), then hit Choose Your Games and let us know which games you want to play!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the somewhat subdued response to the event this year, we are (unfortunately) in the position where we need to make sure we have enough players before we give the convention the final green light - we will be making a decision on Sunday 10th February based on the number of people who have registered for games so far. So, what we’re telling you here is - Register now and the convention will happen!

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