Cerberus Larp Convention - Dates!

Cerberus Larp Convention!! Here are the three possible weekends:

21-23. This is four weeks after Hydra Larp Convention in Wellington
(which next year is on March 24th). It’s one week before the OURS 2nd
Tabletop convention. It’s at the end of the one-week mid semester break
for Otago University. Note that this is the weekend Hydra usually runs
(2017 is an exception), and Cerberus will probably run in March (on
about the date Hydra is running this year) in the future.

21-23. This is one week after the OURS 3rd Tabletop Convention, and
about four weeks before Phoenix Larp Convention in Christchurch. It’s
also the middle of winter, and there may well be issues traveling to
and/or from the Scout Camp. The owners of the camp have told us that one
of the dorm rooms is unavailable at this time due to the pipes
freezing. It’s two weeks after the start of the second semester at Otago

October 6-8. This is in between Chimera Larp
Convention in Auckland (which will run in August/September) and Medusa
Larp Convention in Hamilton (which will run in November). It’s the
weekend before the last week of lectures for Otago University.

take the time to fill out the linked google form below and select which
of these options you would attend Cerberus at. It is perfectly fine
(and in fact would make our life very much easier) to select all three
dates, if you can/would make it on any of the three dates.

A final decision will be made in two weeks time (October 27th) and will be announced on that date or the day after.

If you know someone who is not on Facebook and would like to come to Cerberus, please send them this link as well :slight_smile:

The Cerberus Organising Team.

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A little bump - survey is open until this weekend! If you’re thinking about coming, let us know which weekend(s) you prefer!