Cerberus 2020

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Cerberus is back, and its been… upgraded:

When: 27-29 March, 2020
Where: Tirohanga Camp
How much: $80 - 100 (ish - exact budget TBA).
What: A weekend of larping. 6 games, including a cyberpunk flagship, “Gangs of Neo York”.

They’re currently seeking GMs as well:

I’ll work out flights later. I know they’ve had some timetable changes, but it still seemed doable (the venue being nice and close to the airport helps a lot here).


Hooray! I had such a good time when I went last year. (Although pro tip: bring multiple pairs of shoes in case it rains. :stuck_out_tongue: )


And extra socks. Wet socks are no fun either.

I don’t know what you mean it hardly ever rains down here (at least, not on days with J’s in them)

Thanks for posting that up Idiot :slight_smile:

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I’ve submitted a game!