Cerberus 2020

Cerberus is back, and its been… upgraded:

When: 27-29 March, 2020
Where: Tirohanga Camp
How much: $80 - 100 (ish - exact budget TBA).
What: A weekend of larping. 6 games, including a cyberpunk flagship, “Gangs of Neo York”.

They’re currently seeking GMs as well:

I’ll work out flights later. I know they’ve had some timetable changes, but it still seemed doable (the venue being nice and close to the airport helps a lot here).


Hooray! I had such a good time when I went last year. (Although pro tip: bring multiple pairs of shoes in case it rains. :stuck_out_tongue: )


And extra socks. Wet socks are no fun either.

I don’t know what you mean it hardly ever rains down here (at least, not on days with J’s in them)

Thanks for posting that up Idiot :slight_smile:

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I’ve submitted a game!


Hey everyone, we have a bunch of games but need more! You have until the end of November to submit something, so if you’ve been putting it off now’s the time to take action. Please don’t wait until the last minute, it will stress us out.


I’ll start going through my collection, but if I make good progress on “Going Under”, then I could offer that.