Cerberus 2019: What are people planning to run?


Cerberus 2019 is just a bit over 6 months away. Given the normal larp production timeline, that means its about time to start thinking about what you’re running, especially if you plan to write it for the event. So what are people looking at?

I haven’t really made any plans yet, partly because I still don’t know what I’m running at Hydra the month after, and partly from pure indecision. I’m tempted to offer Burning Orchid, a highly-regarded Peaky game which I ran at Hydra this year and which would be a good fit for the medium game space. If people would prefer something else from my back-catalogue, let me know.


I would be very keen to play Burning Orchid, I was sad to have missed it at Hydra this year.

I’m probably going to take A Wolf By Any Other Name down with me. I’m working on a Super Villain larp, but probably want to save it for Phoenix.


I’m also keen to play Burning Orchid sometime.

I’m also undecided on what to run. I’ve got Spellbound (a game based on Bewitched) that would be a rerun from Hydra 2018, Toil and Trouble (3 witches, 3 heroes and the fate of the Kingdom on the line) by Paracelsus Games, or Arsenic and Lies (a Christie-style murder mystery that has the advantage of being quite flexible in terms of numbers).

Alternatively there’s probably enough time to get one of my in-progress games ready to run by then. The most complete at the moment is Fate and Fatality which is kind of in the style of a regency Addams family.


I’m currently planning to go to both Cerberus and Phoenix so I’m happy either way :wink:


That Spellbound isn’t the same Spellbound that Carla ran this year, by any chance?


No, it’s a game I wrote that unfortunately has the same name


Contemplating finishing writing Thomas And Friends - based off Thomas the Tank Engine as well as ahem other related source material I’ve been reading including the Gulag Archipelago. It would be absolutely insane though and I’m not sure if it has large player appeal.

To give a snippet of my current plans, I intend for players to spend the entire game wrapped in a blanket cylinder, with a paper plate duct taped to one end of a blanket tube and a rectangle cut out for them to look through and interact with everything. Oh, and only being able to say “choo choo” outside of whispering at stations.

I am a normal person.


I may actually be able to make it down to Cerberus next year, and I don’t think I can overstate how incredibly keen I am to play this game.


@EdwardStutters I will travel for this game


I’ll bring my caterpillar game and people can play lots of weird abstract larps




Looks like I’m now doing Burning Orchid in Wellington in February. Which means I need another plan.

The fallback is Arsenic & Lies, a card-based workshoppy Christie / Downton Abbey murder mystery. But I’m wondering if I can pull something better out of the pile. An obvious option would be The Dance and the Dawn, but that could have staging issues (runs for 4 hours, and would require actually clearing the main hall to provide space for people to dance). Nobilis: Torn From Glory could also be an option, but its 20 players, and that’s a huge chunk of the con.


Another option: Under the Mountain, from Crescendo Giocoso:

The King is dead and five knights pay homage to His pyre. Around them whisper the voices of the People under the Mountain– an ancient enemy, shrouded in dark-ness, the hand behind the downfall of the Kingdom. Yet the King’s body bears no marks made by fang or claw: It was a blade that struck him down.
Did one of the knights truly commit the ultimate betrayal? Or will their loyalty shine bright, a beacon of hope in the darkness under the Mountain?

Under the Mountain strives to recreate an epic, chivalric feeling without the use of spells, monsters or great battles. A chamber heroic fantasy, where grief twists the tales of a glorious past to give form to the King’s memory: Even though no single player will portray Him alone, His character is far from absent.
The whispers of the People under the Mountain, eager to pit the Knights against each other, pose an unforeseen threat to their devotion to the code of chivalry.