So, any word on the catering? Is there a menu, so we can drool in anticipation?

Sara Bryan has graciously agreed to cater for us. She hasn’t finalised the menu yet, but I’ll be asking her about that tonight.
We’re using the same system as Teonn - you have to bring your own cutlery and crockery, and wash your own plates. Players will have to take a turn helping in the kitchen, but hopefully no one person is going to spend too much time chopping veges.
As soon as the menu is finalised, complete with gluten and meat free alternatives, we’ll post it up and let you all drool over it.
But it’s a good idea to bring snacks and caffinated substances as well!

Having lived with her for two years, I consider myself familiar enough with Sara’s cooking to say that we’re going to be quite thoroughly spoiled. :smiley:

Still no details?

Bring bowls, there will be soup.