Catering for 2014

We have 44 people who have said they’d like catering but have not paid or made arrangements yet. Payments for catering is still open, and we’d definitely love to feed you. Catering is $30 for five meals, and is separate to your convention fee.

Also, we now have a menu! Thank you to our star caterer, Kim Smits!

Breakfast (Saturday and Sunday):
Toasts with preserves, hashbrowns, cereal and tinned fruit.

Lunch (Saturday):
Filled roll, spinach and feta filo pastries, cookie and a piece of fruit.

Dinner (Saturday): Honey soy chicken drum sticks (stuffed peppers for vegetarians), roast vegetable and feta pasta bake, green salad and ginger passionfruit cheese cake.

Lunch (Sunday):

Yum!!! Cheesecake! Feta parcels! Anything with pesto in it(except cheesecake)! Menu sounds great. Thanks Kim!

Edit… that was supposed to be anything with Feta in it… although pesto would also work

That does look like a delicious menu… and I have now paid :slight_smile:

Lovely menu! And Saturday dinner sounds like a feast!