Carpooling to Embers

Well then… I’m not on Facebook so this looks like a good place to start…

I’ll be crewing at Embers 4, live in Wellington and don’t own a car, so I’ll need a bit of help to get myself and my luggage to and from the site. I do have one hard constraint: I work in the city centre and can’t leave the office before 5.30pm on Friday.

Other than that I’m pretty flexible. I could:

  • walk or take a bus to somewhere in Wellington to be picked up
  • take a train to Petone or Lower Hutt to be picked up
  • take a combination of bus and train to Wainuiomata for a lift across the last mile
  • pay my share of a rental car if several people want to get together and rent one

And those are probably not even all the options. :slight_smile:

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I should probably add that I’ll have at most two bags and a short (wrapped) staff, so not too much stuff to move around.