Carpooling from Auckland, Hamilton etc

I’m making this thread for the purpose of finding people to carpool with and to provide a place for others to make their requests/offers.

I have an 8 seat van that I would be happy to take down there if there are a few people that wanted to drive down. The only problem is that fuel would probably run to $150-200. The average per person fuel cost would be roughly:

1 person going : $150 Each
2 people going : $75 Each
3 people going : $50 Each
4 people going : $40 Each
5 people going : $30 Each
6 people going : $25 Each
7 people going : $22 Each
8 people going : $20 Each

Just putting this up here in case anyone wants to save money on travel.

Anyone who wants to carpool, be it from Auckland or the airport is welcome to use this thread.

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