Carnival Arcane (3 June 2017)

@Catnip will be running FYI’s supernatural carnival game on Armageddon Saturday to support our annual Wellygeddon marketing campaign.

When: Saturday 3 June 2017. 7pm setup, 7:30pm start, 10:30pm finish
Where: Brooklyn Community Centre Hall, 18 Harrison St, Brooklyn, WELLINGTON
How much: $20, $15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUW Games Club members and first-time larpers.
Signup form:

It’s 1928, and the Lancaster Rigby Carnival offers what no other carnival can. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen…

Despite the success of the large circuses, several independent carnivals still tour the country in 1928. While many visitors simply want diversion and entertainment, a few seek something more, and the Lancaster Rigby Carnival is rumoured to offer what no other carnival can.

The carnival train arrived yesterday in the New England coastal town of Warren’s Rock. Opening-day receipts were fair, but the day isn’t over. For one night only, Lancaster-Rigby presents the Carnival Arcane.

The tents are up, the lights are strung, and the barker is ready to show you in…

Enter the shadow-haunted world of Midnight Syndicate’s album, “Carnival Arcane” in this 20-player theatre-style larp from FYI.

3 or 4 spaces left in this if anybody wants them…