Can't use "Remember Me" checkbox on nzLARPS site login

I don’t know if this is affecting anyone else, but I’m unable to check the “Remember Me” checkbox when logging into the nzLARPS site. It doesn’t respond.

I can’t tick the box either, but it remembers me anyway (unless I log in from elsewhere in the interim).

It doesn’t remember me. I’m on Chrome on a Mac.

Yep, its a known issue. Its just missing an icon (the checkbox actually does get checked, you just don’t see it).

Its redundant functionality - your browser should do the remembering bit for you (same as on other web forms). Silverstripe’s ‘remember me’ functionality doesn’t actually do what people might expect anyway. It will be fixed, it’s just a slightly lower priority than some other things. :slight_smile:

I am also on Chrome on a Mac. When I go to the form, it autofills my login details. Does it do that for you?

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All good. Maybe I always check it and uncheck it again because I don’t see the icon change.

Right now it’s decided to remember me, maybe because it’s still the same session. I can’t restart Chrome at present as I’ve got a bunch of work open, but next time I’ll have a look at the login autofill.

It’s nice when sites just remember you, but logging in is no big problem either, especially as browsers are good at remembering logins these days.

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