Can't reset password on NZLARPs website

Hey ya,
So I need to reset my password. So I click on the forgot my password link and get an email and click on the link.

And it opens a tab, but it just spins and never gets anywhere.

Because I’m opening it from Gmail, it has this in front of the reset URL.

I remove that but then it gets me to a login page that says:

You must be logged in in order to change your password!

Which rather defeats the purpose of having a link to reset your password… :slight_smile:


This should do it.

Thanks but no. That’s the place that have been trying from…

Does it work for anyone else?


It has done, I’ll try again. What browser + OS, by the way?

Edit: Just tried it and it worked fine. The url should be something like:

It does get redirected from google for me too. Maybe, try again? If you have the same issue it could be a permissions problem. :-/