Calling Larp Mentors!

Calling for experienced Auckland GM’s/Writers/Logistical experts/Caterers! Do you want to share your knowledge with the larping community? Do you want to assist others to become as experienced as you are? Do you want the help the next generation reach their full potential? Then sign up to be a Larp Mentor!

Currently we are running this as a trial in the Auckland area, however if it works well then it can be extended to the other regions.

You don’t need to be an expert in all areas of larp to be a mentor. Simply advise on the form which areas you are willing and able to mentor in.

The minimum expectation from a mentor is that they would have one 2-3 hour session with their protege where you share your expertise, but if you are willing and able to offer more then you are welcome to.

Looking to be mentored? Your signup form will come once we have some mentors able to assist. Watch this space!

BUMP!! Coz hey, what happened to this?

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