Caligo Mundi forum

I’ve created a public forum called Caligo Mundi for Dylan, and also a private forum.

I didn’t realise he is in Australia, and the forum is for an Australian larp he’s a player in. I thought it was for a larp in NZ that he was starting. When he asked if he could have a forum “for a larp thats not part of NZ larps” I thought he meant for a larp that’s not part of NZLARPS, which would be fine, not a larp that’s not in NZ at all.

Apparently, he hasn’t told the GMs or other players that he’s setting up a forum for the larp, on a NZ larp forum. He wanted to get it set up first and then show it to them.

So there’s every chance that they won’t want to use it, in which case I’ll remove it. Easy.

However, if by some miracle these Aussies do actually want to have a board on a kiwi larp forum, do we want to host it? In one way it might be nice to have this crossover with some Aussie larpers. But in another way, it really doesn’t seem to fit with the purpose of Diatribe or NZLARPS. I could put it in a “Hosted Australian Boards” category to separate it, but then where does that stop? Hosting forums for UK games?

That is so Dylan. :unamused:

From the garbled conversation we had on the matter (where he decided that something I said constituted permission to create the forum) he said that Australian larps (including this Caligo Mundi lark) didn’t have forums or as much organisation as we do in New Zealand (hurray, we look organised!!)

I think it’d be great if we had some communication and such with Australian larpers, but I know for a fact that Dylan doesn’t always hear what is said, so we don’t know what their thoughts are on Dylan’s grand plans to organise them like New Zealand is.

Exactly the phrase that occurred to me. He also told me that Craig had said it was alright. If you were to ask him, he’d probably tell you that I said it was alright. (Reminds me of one time at Mordavia when Peter told me that “Ryan” had said he could cast spells while holding the spell scroll inside a bag, not realising who I was beneath the orc mask… no Peter, I didn’t).

Leaving aside all this obfuscation, do we actually think it’s appropriate for Diatribe to host Australian larp boards, even in the best of circumstances?

I think, at best, we could have an “Australia” board in general, where Australians could advertise their games or something. It could have good value, if the Aussie larpers were keen on opening dialogue with us. But actually hosting their gaming board is probably beyond the scope of Diatribe. I think it’d be great if we could help them set something up if that’s what they wanted, but our scope is New Zealand.

I agree. I’m going to hide the board for now and let Dylan know. If he likes, we can host it as a private forum. That way they get hosting, but it doesn’t clutter up Diatribe and confuse our users.