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The Calendar is a very important part of DIATRIBE and the LARPS society. Bookmark it!

Only a few people will be able to add events, but anybody will be able to view the calendar - registered or not. What’s shown will be community events, which is including (but not limited to)
LARP events
Parties the community are openly invited to
Related events eg Armageddon, Naama
Stuff we generally don’t wanna clash with

This is all open to discussion, please post ideas below.

What’s the story with adding events to the calendar? Is it possible/desirable to open it up to all users?

Also, I reckon you shoudl add a “Calendar” link to the top navigation links (FAQ Search Memberlist etc).

Or maybe even add a little “upcoming events” to the index page, using data from the Calendar.

Very cool, great to see this tool on here.

I think there should be a date go-to as part of the society structure, and the calendar should be updated by them only. Responsible for keeping an eye ahead for stuff that’s important and relevant to LARPers, and to be able to consult with event organisers on community availability.

eg. the folks at Naama don’t have one of these, or they wouldn’t have clashed with Armageddon.

[quote=“Ryan Paddy”]Also, I reckon you shoudl add a “Calendar” link to the top navigation links (FAQ Search Memberlist etc).

Or maybe even add a little “upcoming events” to the index page, using data from the Calendar.

Very cool, great to see this tool on here.[/quote]

Thanks, it was a lot of work :smiley:

I’m not quite finished integrating it yet, but I got it stable so I thought I’d bang it up and start filling in dates.

Looks great :smiley:
That was fast, the meeting was only yesterday !!

Yeah I finally figured out one of the things that was holding me up. From there it was difficult but pretty smooth sailing.

Here’s a thought.

How about providing pages for small or one-off larp events on Diatribe? I know you can see details about events on a given day by clicking on the item in the calendar (e.g. cal_lite.php?cl_d=22&cl_m=10&cl_y=2005&mode=display ) but I wonder if a more event-specific page would be a good idea. With one or two pictures relating to the game, something to make it feel more like it’s specific to the event. Less bland.

It might be possible to do it by extending the calendar funactionality.

That way banners about games (especially LARPS one-off games that don’t have their own website) can link to a page on Diatribe. Games have more identity if they can have their own page, but not everyone wants to build a web page for their game - especially if it’s a one-off.

Definately part of the grand plan :slight_smile:

Is it possible to put image tags into those event descriptions? I can see you’ve put in text formatting and links in, so I’m guessing you can do any sort of BBCode formatting.

Images alone would go a long way, and might put off the need for actually coding anything or messing with the database for some time.

Yes, some calendar entries already have images in 'em. Largely the reason I haven’t put images in the others is because we have no good pictures for them!

Ah cool. Can’t see any images, but will take your word for it.

We should have a go at making an event page look spiffy so that it’s suitable to linking to. Set a standard.

Does anyone know the dates of these Auckland events?

  1. K Road Carnival
  2. Albert Park Chinese lantern festival
  3. Pasifika

These, although not LARP related, would be good to know. Although (1) does include various people in costume who role-play… :open_mouth:

[size=200]Hear Ye!
Hear Ye![/size]

The next Mordavia weekend game will be from

[size=200]Friday 17th February[/size]


[size=200]Sunday 19th February[/size]

Pricing to be announced within a couple of weeks.


Public Holidays
Christmas Day - Sun 25th Dec & Tuesday 27th Dec
Boxing Day - Monday 26th Dec
New Years Day - Sun 1st Jan and Tue 3rd Jan
Day after New Years day - Monday 2nd Jan
Wellington Anniversary Day - Mon 23rd Jan
Auckland Anniversary Day - Mon 30th Jan
Waitangi Day - Mon 6th February
Good Friday - Fri 14th April
Easter Monday - Mon 17th April
ANZAC Day - Tue 25th April
Queens Birthday - Mon 5th June
Labour Day - Mon 23rd Oct
Christmas Day - Mon 25th Dec
Boxing Day - Tue 26th Dec

School Terms
Tues 7th Feb Term 1 start - Primary/Intermediate/Secondary/Composite
Thu 13th April Term 1 finish - P/I/S/C
Wed 26th April Term 2 start - P/I
Mon 1st May Term 2 start - S/C
Fri 30th June Term 2 finish - P/I/S/C
Mon 17th July - Term 3 start - P/I/S/C
Fri 22nd Sep - Term 3 finish - P/I/S/C
Mon 9th Oct - Term 4 start - P/I/S/C
Wed 20th Dec - Term 4 finish - P/I
Thu 14th Dec - Term 4 finish - S/C

Thanks, I have put the public holidays in now…

I’m trying to figure out how to mark school and university holidays. What are people’s thoughts on this?

The prices for the game are now up at Mordavia.

Could you add BattleCry for the weekend of the 11th and 12th of February please? On the Sat night there is a larp game called Exodus being run, and there is supposed to be something on the Sunday as well.

That last post was from me.