Buckets of Dice 2018

Buckets of Dice, SAGA Inc’s annual gaming con, will be held at the Wheki Building, University of Canterbury, over Queen’s Birthday weekend. In addition to the usual pile of tabletop rpgs, boardgames, and a grand strat / megagame, they will also be running three larps:

  • Lazarus Skye: Written and GMed by John Massie. A missing child, a coming storm, and other assorted mysteries in a small town in Maine in the 1980s. Based on Stranger Things and all the stuff it stole from. 40 players.
  • Angels in the Fog: @musicforwolves’ SF Bradburian SF-noir. The Designer of Fog City has been murdered. An assortment of friends and others gather at the bar beneath his penthouse, some to solve the crime, others with other agendas.
  • Off the Records: by Brendon Bennetts, Sally Hayes, Chloe Sutherland.

You can register here: