Buckets of Dice 2015


Buckets of Dice is being held at the usual time - Queen’s Birthday Weekend (May 30 - 1 June), in the Otakarao Building on University of Canterbury’s Dovedale Campus. It will feature not one, but two flagship larps:

Cape Proof Bunker (Saturday evening)

With disaster on the horizon and the World’s greatest hero missing the Superheroes of two rival nations have come together.

Locked in a bunker, can the capes of the world get along? Or will decades of bad blood prove too difficult to overcome? Only one thing is certain: no one is getting out early.

Springsdale PD (Sunday evening)

Welcome to Springsdale Police Department. Tonight is a big night for the precinct: The Chief is retiring, and will be passing on the badge to his as yet unnamed successor.

Unfortunately, like many shiny things in this precinct, the badge has gone missing. Now Springdale PD is, for quite possibly the first time in its history, going to have to solve a crime.

More information here: saga.org.nz/events/bod2015
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