BoD14 LARP: Minions!


[quote]Phil the Dark Lord reigned more or less peacefully (may he rest in peace).

His minions consisted of humans, orcs, raised dead, demons from the bureaucratic underworld, and some miscellaneous undead.

Yesterday Phil the Dark Lord was killed by vicious interfering do-gooders who swam the shark moat, broke in the heavily bolted door (the vandals), brutally fought their way through armed guards, and murdered the greatest, most powerful, and best-organised dark lord ever to rule this castle in glorious combat. At least they didn’t manage to rescue the prince and loot the vault before they slunk off into the night.

Now everyone has come to attend the funeral and the wake, at which Grandma Mort will be organising the promotion of a new Dark Lord.[/quote]

Darkly humourous fantasy LARP for 25-30 people, to be run on the Saturday (I think?) night. Registration is not open yet, but we will be updating various avenues of communication as time progresses.


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