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Blood in the Furrows is a folk horror LARP set in a sleepy rural village in 1950s England. It is being designed as a one-off weekend event, and will probably feature apple-bobbing and the burning of at least one effigy.

Although the war never came to this part of England, it has left its scars in other ways. Continued austerity means that the ration book is always on the mind, while the photograph in the parlour of a lost child, spouse, or parent gathers dust.

Yet there is still cause to celebrate, even during these hard times. This season’s harvest has reaped unprecedented bounty, and Grankirk is putting more effort than ever into its annual village fete. These festivities have drawn much attention from those outside the village, and many strangers have been seen arriving at the Stag’s Head pub, looking to find out what’s going on.

On the village outskirts, the dense forest sits cautiously silent in the early morning fog. The valley walls throw long shadows across the village green, where the darkened grass has been kissed with faintest frost. The air bites with the icy promise of an early winter.

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Rules and Setting Documents:

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With that setting document, I hope we will be having a suitable screening in the barnhouse.

Also, I guess I need to learn how to make a prop 1950’s (or earlier) radio set.

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Ticket sales have been (re)opened for the new event date of August 6-8 2021!

First post has been updated with details.

Tickets get!