Blood in the Furrows castlist?

Who is playing what (or rather, which characters exist) in Blood in the Furrows?

While I’ve bought a ticket, I still haven’t made up my mind what to play. I have a few options, but I want to see what niches are taken so as to avoid doubling up (e.g. it would be bad if the entire village was in fact full of visiting folklorists here to observe the Quaint Local Customs).

I’m yet to have my character confirmed (@MaenadicAeronaut I’m sure is working through the list), but:

Gavin Wooster, old man of the village. Basically “Tim avoids being typecast as a bad guy by being the most wholesome old man.” 73, retired farmer, lives at the tearooms and the pub, wanders the village talking to everyone, knows everyone. Was in the Great War, became a colonel, doesn’t speak of it.

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Details still to be confirmed, but probably a local school teacher with an interest in the historical society

I’ll just put this here for people wondering what their character did in the war:

Also here’s the list of reserved occupations:

And an explanation of how it all worked:


Nice. Gavin was exempt from conscription, being 59 at the start of the war. So probably helping run the farm best he could between myself and the grandchildren, what with at least a few of his children not conscripted due to young children of their own.

Farm labourers were exempt from age 25 anyway, so they might have escaped anyway.

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Popular UK first-names from 1904 by decade:

So, looking for friends / relatives / enemies for John “Bill” Rowantree, the middle-aged village postie and damaged war veteran who Never Talks About It (no-one ever has a boring war, do they, unless they become black marketeers or something).