Better group functionality

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The most recent discourse release has given us back the functionality to allow group owners to approve membership to groups. This should hopefully make groups (and backstage/private categories) a bit more usable. You can join a group, or view its details, here (click through to a group): Its also found in the hamburger menu at the top right.

The update also provided a few more options around groups, for those who are owners or members, so its worth taking a look.

####Owners can now:

  • provide a “Full name” for a group
  • provide a group description
  • provide an avatar for the group, and something called an “Avatar Flair Background Color”
  • add/remove members from a group
  • approve membership requests
  • change membership settings
  • view logs for the group (includes membership changes)

####Members can:

  • View private messages to the group
  • …and view/contribute to forum categories the group has access to

####Not all groups are publicly joinable. Group owners may choose to have a group:

  • open for anyone
  • open for people to request membership
  • completely closed
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