Best Bits

(Cos you know someone had to do it)

What are some of the awesome bits from Hydra, that other people may or may not have seen happen? These were them for me:

Golden Dragon Tavern: My favourite game this tournament, just the thing to get warmed up, and a hell of a lot of fun. Mad props to my brother Zeenor (Norman) who put up with me all night without resorting to violence (I have no idea why!!) Best bit: Really hamming up the stupid barbarian bit while that damn useless bard (Hannah) tried to teach me a bawdy limerick. I swear we must have gone back and forth for 15 minutes with me continually stuffing it up, but she stuck to it and eventually I got it right - then she stiffed me on her end of the deal. Typical. Honourable mention to the barmaid (Christina Guyer) for also putting up with constant "When do you get off?"s, and the Amazon (Nik) who ended the game with me in brilliant fashion by both of us raging and destroying the tavern in the ensuing brawl. In which I got my ass handed to me :wink:

Bad Things in the Bayou: I actually can’t say what my absolute favourite thing was in this game as it’ll ruin a plot point, but this game was SOOOO much fun. Arguing with my Aunt Charlene (Naomi) about selling my house, trying very unsuccessfully to get in good with my childhood sweetheart (Alice), and finding out my hero (Hunter, the Blanchard Beast killer, played by Idiot) is just now a sad, drunk, old man. A very nicely run and scripted game.

32 AR: AKA Demon Apocalypse LARPing… Possibly my second favourite game (although there are about 5 “second favourite games”) I really liked the dynamic between the different groups of characters. Favourite moments by far were the secret conversations between my wife (Alice again) and myself on various subjects - Although Alice is quite new to the LARPing scene, she did awesome and the interactions between Victor and Eleanor were at times uplifting, intense, emotional, and sweet, and they really helped me get into character. My biggest regret about this game is that Victor Daurian’s last words were “Help!” and not “Eleanor, I love you!”

Fall of the Jaguar Gods: OH. MY. GOD.. Best. Family. EVER. It was awesome to sit down before the game with Sak’ K’uk (Ellen) and K’inich (Melissa) and plan how we were going to make the Jaguar Gods fall. All three of us were on exactly the same page, wanted to accomplish the same goals, and everything went better than we ever hoped for. By the end of the game my daughter was a God, and my granddaughter was queen of THREE countries. DAYUM.

Office Secret Santa: To be honest I was a little worried about this one being a bit too close to reality, given I work in local government. There were certainly elements there that I recognised, but the characters are sufficiently caricatured that it didn’t turn out to be a problem (however, I could still put IRL names to some of those people…). Favourite moment was when Comms and the PA (Christina) got their shit together and systematically started getting people fired. Being made interim head of IT and then having the photocopier fixed 15 minutes later (all my PA and my doing, of course…) only reinforced how competent we were :wink:

World Summit of Evil: A nice fun light game to end with. To be honest this was probably my least favourite game, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it! I must confess I was a bit lost in this one - I didn’t accomplish any of my goals and then got killed off at the end. Still it was a lot of fun being (yet another!) loud obnoxious twit, and constantly sniping at The Colonial (Nasia?) was heaps of fun. Apparently in the super-villain world, no one knows anything, or has anything, but they can get it for you “later”…Ah well. Seeing the groups working together was pretty cool.

All in all I had a fantastic weekend and really enjoyed the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of you guys that I really only know through this here site here. I will be back! (You may start groaning now…)

Delicious Friends: I love the Echo Bazaar game, and I adore the Fallen London setting, so I was nigh on rabidly excited for this one. My goal for this one was to turn up with a mushroom hat, as per the socialites in the game, and with the assistance of spirit gum and some sewing thread, I even managed it for the first hour of the game before my hat ‘spored’ and I lost the mushrooms. For me there was real delight in interacting with characters with the descriptive names from the setting (“The Starving Artist”, “The Devilish Tempter” etc.), the role of honey in the game, and I was really happy that Idiot acquisced to my request for a strong Brass Embassy plot. As the game went on, I could see in my mind’s the little stat tracker from the game with the caption, “Your Intimate of Devils is increasing!” Was jolly good fun.

Bad Things in the Bayou: There’s always a curious thrill about watching a game you wrote come to life. Thank you very much to all my players. It was a lot of fun to watch, and there were some things I could never have foreseen happening :slight_smile:

32AR: This game posed the single most difficult roleplaying challenge I have ever faced in my larping career. Something like forty-five minutes into the game, I turn around to hear myself exposed as the wolf amongst the sheep, as the effective bad guy by someone I thought was an ally, then beaten to the ground by the other person I thought was my ally. I thought that would be game end for me, but against all odds I managed to talk them out of killing me. I managed to instill just enough doubt that no one followed through on the many, many, threats to kill me. Sowing dissent, trying to turn them all against each other, all very quietly and with enough plausible deniability…and lots of sitting back and smirking. So that was a challenging game for me. And everyone’s steampunk costumes looked great!

Fall of the Jaguar Gods: I managed to do all the wrong things in this game but I thoroughly enjoyed roleplaying with my warriors and others. I ended the game with a baby jaguar. Loved the game, the concept and the dynamics that were built in. Would like to see this rerun.

Slash: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Scandal, calumny, and lots of giggles. A well deserved roleplaying win for Vanya. This game was…obscenely good fun. Now let us never speak of it again.

World Summit of Evil: This game was so much chaos. I was so hopelessly lost for the first half of the game and then it picked up speed so I threw caution to the wind and waded in. I really enjoyed negotiating with the Middle Men, particularly the convoluted paperwork arrangement we came to that allowed me to try and kill Anarchy with my silver-toe-of-death. I loved how fast I could clear a path when I started hobbling around barefoot, after that first guy I turned to silver. And all the lovely people that kept returning my discarded shoe to me (I kept ahold of my right shoe, because that was the Wonderflonium shoe). I enjoyed roleplaying with Norm as Dr Drosophilies (and my brief stint as one of his vampire thralls), Facade and Quietus, Lady Belladonna, Don Scarioso, Anarchy, and watching Judit and Hannah scurry around as the mad wonder twins, Gizmo and Gadget. Given the supreme chaos, nobody was more suprised than me when I did, however briefly, snag the Magnificent Overseer’s chair. And then I died because I gave my moonbase to the wrong person. C’est la vie. But at least I died in the Manificent Overseer’s chair.

Delicious Friends: My revolutionary cell fell apart due to some kind of ridiculous honey fuelled romance, but I managed to flee with the zombie making mushrooms due to the copper getting knocked out before he could properly dispose of me. I killed him on my way out to buy myself time but he’ll be back…

And All That Jazz: A learning experience. I deeply regret not being able to follow all of the plots because people were doing things that I never saw coming. Particularly liked the ghosts fighting, Fran getting shot but being OK because the bullet used was one stolen from the guy who was too big of a sissy to actually carry something lethal, and watching the undercover cop get repeatedly caught and talk his way out of things. Also William Wordsworth’s write up of the event.

32AR: Enjoyed being able to dramatically mourn the death of my daughter, yell for no good reason at the guy who was a member of the group who cut off my arm in order to make me “better” and then getting gutted by a zombie. SO MUCH ANGST! Also I liked wandering around with a giant invulnerable arm.

FOTJG: The atmosphere was great! I didn’t really managed to play my character in a way I thought I should, but the moment which stands out for me is when two people who were not a good match but were deeply in love asked for my blessing and the King and his true love (who I had screwed over when I matched his true love to another so that a specific child could be born between the king and said true love and IT’S COMPLICATED OK?!) stood there staring at me and basically guilt tripped me into approving of the marriage. “Well I don’t think this is a good match because… er… be happy together. I pronounce you man and wife.”

Office Christmas Party: I got to go home with the guy I wanted, then I kept my job while the guy who actually did all the work got fired. Popularity wins over efficiency! The poor health and safety guy was hilarious.

Super villain larp: I loved my face-off’s with Anarchy, my polar opposite whom I considered a dangerously unstable element. Unfortunately my repeated attempts to kill him weren’t getting me anywhere until Silvertoe (who was exceptionally useful all evening) took care of the problem for me. Then, after an evening of hard work by my helpful zombie and robot slaves, I uploaded myself into the moon base from the most secure server in the world and killed all organic life. If I had been capable of emotion I would have felt bad about my betrayal of Dr Catastrophe and Miss Scarletta who were very helpful. Wildfires attempts to melt the platinum while it was still in my hands taught me a valuable lesson about how specific orders to zombies have to be.

Well I only played in two games, but they were both great.

Delicious Friends
Finding my drug fuelled dream lover in the first half hour, to then spend all night snipping at her. Being the loud revolutionary. Shacking up with the Socialite who lived upstairs. Discovering I was soulless. All the Honey dreams. Love, love, loved the Honey element.

I had a great time and I hope Idiot runs it again so I can play someone else!

Bad Things in the Bayou
Oh man did I love this game. Being a 90 year old woman so utterly convinced of the power of my voodoo meant I got into all sorts of trouble. Getting punched after not getting rid of a possessing spirit was a highlight. As was everyone rushing to my defence. Oh and all the advice I dispensed. Priceless.

[quote=“sophmelc”]Delicious Friends
Finding my drug fuelled dream lover in the first half hour, to then spend all night snipping at her. Being the loud revolutionary. Shacking up with the Socialite who lived upstairs. Discovering I was soulless. All the Honey dreams. Love, love, loved the Honey element.[/quote]

I’m thinking of a rerun in October-November, as part of the AetherCon recruitment drive.

I’ll try and keep this spoiler free.

Delicious Friends: Although I found myself having to run to Malcolm often to ask questions (“What is the Great Game?” “What’s the deal with hunting cats?” etc.), I had a great time. I managed to throw people off my trail while desperately rushing to achieve my goals. Found some allies (not entirely unexpected). All in all a fabulous blur!

The Bell: Game of the con for me. My character was wracked with doubt and felt responsible for the entire event. As people began to die, the guilt intensified and I found myself covering my eyes and crying. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, as the final decision on who lived and who died rested with me. Just… wow.

Fall of the Jaguar Gods: My favourite bit was taking Jaguar Paw, just so when it wore off after 20 minutes I could spill my secrets to those around me. I got a few quizzical looks as I suddenly burst out with stuff like “Don’t ask so-and-so, they’re confused because their husband has come back to life and I’ve been sleeping with them”.

Office Secret Santa: I’d decided upon reading the character sheet that my character was clearly completely incompetent and sexist. So decided I’d go over the top and be the guy who gets way to drunk at the party. Favourite bits were any time I could do something that I knew would aggravate the Health & Safety guy. Also enjoyed all the catch phrases I used (real corporate speak): “Be Proactive”, “Synergize”, “Do More with Less” and “Tighten the Belt”. Also did about 5 circuits of the room telling people “Good Job”. Its lots of fun when you realise your character is doomed to failure so you just decide to go down in flames!

World Summit of Evil: I was initially worried that Quietus would ruin some people’s games by killing them off. Once I realised there were so many ways for people to come back (Vampires, Zombies, Automatons), I felt a lot less bad about killing them off. Business really picked up about half way through the game (I initially thought I wouldn’t get any contracts). Roleplaying the shock when I realised I couldn’t kill Anarchy was good fun (staring at my hands a la Norman after a few drinks). Just watching Gizmo and Gadget was great fun (Judit and Hannah definitely deserved their RP win for that one!).


My standout game was All That Jazz. I spent a lot of it bullying my best friend over her kooky beliefs and overall… pinkness, threatening grievous bodily harm to anybody else who caused her trouble, and using the information she gave me while blithely ignoring where she said she got it from. Cognitive dissonance for the win! I also really loved interacting with Lefty - we reached a sort of Mutual Assured Destruction arrangement around our overall goals of future happiness, and I really think it will all work out. :slight_smile:


“Ladies are delicate flowers who should be protected.”

“Yes! Ladies are delicate flowers who should be protected and we’ll punch 'em in the snoot if they say otherwise!”

All That Jazz was a lot of fun, being so pragmatically weird and watching people’s faces…

I figured I should do this as well. I will skip over the early bits of Thursday and Friday and get right into it.

Golden Dragon Tavern - I had been asked to NPC for this, which turned more into a character role. I spent a large part of the game tied up which was quite restrictive, but I used the time trying to turn people against the Paladins or getting them to bring me drinks. Then I started working out how to start working myself free and that started a game of frustrating the Paladins by wandering off every time they turned their backs :slight_smile:. I had some fantastic interactions with people, Ants and Karen as the Paladins, Paul as Kung Fu Panda, Norm as the confused Orc,Christina as the Bar wench and Russ as the Elf I had saved, plus all the rest. But my favourites had to be with Frank’s Illusionist. :slight_smile:

And All that Jazz - I don’t want to give too much away. But I played the roughed up, weathered Detective Noir. Local PI and man known for not keeping his nose out of other people’s business. Lots to take in, plenty of investigation going on, I liked the mechanics being used. And the scene at the end with Vanya, Frank and Luke was chaotic and fun, as was pushing Ben’s character.

The Bell - This was one of my favourite games at the Con. Minimalistic in setting, costume and even background information. But once the game gets started it is intense. I suggest this game only for players that will get involved, motivate themselves and don’t need goals, but if that is you, and it’s run again it is worth signing up for. It was an amazing game and I got to play with some other amazing players, some I haven’t larped with in years.

Fall of the Jaguar Gods - My other favourite game. Such AMAZING costumes. I was so lucky to belong to such a great group and had many good interactions with the Jaguar Warriors and the Dead. I may not really have achieved most of my goals, but funnily enough that added to the fun of the game. Some special moments, playing up my protective and impulsive traits and throwing the GMs for a loop, and later my death scene and the eulogies.

Slash - The game we don’t talk of. I wasn’t playing this round and got grabbed by the GM and asked if I could play some mooks. Oh my what a difference asking the question "So am I supposed to be attacking them or … " makes.

Best bit for me, seriously, was that the experiment worked, people seemed to have fun and Hydra will be back next year.

What an amazing weekend.

Friday night was great fun with Delicious Friends. Playing a devil was awesome, and one in a sticky situation was even better. Also, that honey was delicious, and such a neat mechanic!

Bad things in the Bayou was definitely a highlight of the weekend. There were a lot of little moments that came together to make an awesome game, but my brawl with Bryn was a highlight. I swear he knows a way to cheat at rock-paper-scissors. I think it was wonderful how the game played off of expectation. That was definitely an entertaining end to the game. So, hahah, Anna, I told you so :stuck_out_tongue:

32AR was a good bit of fun, I think my highlight from that was watching Hannah (or rather, zombie Hannah) try and lure her lover from afar.

The flagship was a wonderful game for me in so many ways. The setting was good, the set dressing fantastic. I was with a great group of players with brilliant characters and costumes. It’s not ever day you get to play the god of human sacrifice. Everyone in that game felt like they belonged there. When someone got lippy with me because their beloved was sacrificed, and I called out “the first person to knock this man out will earn my favour”, several people came running. Of course, whilst I had been warned that this character was unlikely to succeed in his ambitious goals of “bringing about an end to humanity”, I didn’t realise that my sneaky uncle was working against me until it was practically too late. Still, I like to think that my role as the bad guy brought flavour to the game, and I got my monologue at the end. Definitely a lot of fun! My only regret is not interacting with more people, especially Vucab, who I didn’t even realise was there (so, well done, Matt :wink: ). I think there could have been some awesome roleplaying in that.

Slash. I played Snape. I managed to keep a straight face through my ‘brood off’ with Vanya when I met him. It all went downhill from there.

World Summit surprised me with a very cool romantic predicament, and made for an interesting roleplaying situation. Also, the premise of the game was quite fun, I wish I had been more awake for it.

But I think the best part of the weekend was seeing so many awesome friends (and making new ones). I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend, and can’t wait for the next one (hell, I might even run something next time).

Also, “my muscles, they have not changed!”

[quote=“Kerry P”]My only regret is not interacting with more people, especially Vucab, who I didn’t even realise was there (so, well done, Matt :wink: ). I think there could have been some awesome roleplaying in that.[/quote]I spent the first 2/3 of the night avoiding all the Gods, thinking that they would have recognised me on sight, and would all try to gang up and deal to me while they had the chance :slight_smile: I was most surprised to learn that most of them were neutral at worst, and I even had a couple of allies among them! You, I would have stayed away from in any case :stuck_out_tongue:

Golden Dragon Tavern
Straight off the bat, this game provided an incredible immersive environment through the set dressing. Walking into the room actually felt like walking into a tavern, it was incredible. I had a really fun character to play - the half elf cleric with a drinking problem. I loved how one person commented that the Goddess turns the water into wine in my mouth and then people actually believed it was true so both my mead and water was taken away from me. Despite failing to stay sober (err, my character), I managed to turn the dead for the second time ever!

Bad Things In The Bayou
I used to say that I wouldn’t be able to role play properly with someone I know very well, specifically that I wouldn’t be able to take Kerry seriously. I take this back. Kerry made a very scary big brother and epic moment for me (without giving away too big of a spoiler) was as he came to confront me and next thing you know everyone is gathering around and out a fight breaks out as Jed (Bryn) rushes in to intervene. In the background, the intense instrumental part of the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia was playing. Intense and immersive moment that stands out for me from this game.

Call of the Wild Hunt
I had a lot of fun costuming this one and had a fun character to play. It was an interesting challenge not being able to tell a lie which made for some fun IC moments. I enjoyed that noone knew what to make of me, a simple flower faery. I didn’t know or really care who called the hunt, I was more interested in who was there and to give Oberon a hard time…after figuring out who he actually was.

Fall of the Jaguar Gods
Ok so I was totally out of my element for this game, four things I don’t handle well are the cold, late nights, nighttime outdoors, and politics. Even in real life I have a dumb brain for politics so when my goals were along the lines of ‘solve all the problems in your father’s kingdom’ I felt a little overwhelmed. I’d semi-planned to do a costume change from my slave disguise once my secret that I was a princess came out but instead I ended up focusing on the ‘Chosen’ plotline and helped choose some of the new Gods. I regret not using any of my poisons or assassinating anyone.

I was a little apprehensive about the game by the time it rolled around but it turned out to be a lot of fun and laughs. One of the funniest moments was when assigning everyone a virtue: “…and Draco Malfoy can be chastity.” everyone turns around and ‘Draco’ is breast feeding a baby.

And now we never speak of it again.

(Except yay! I got best costume! :smiley: )

World Summit of Evil
Unlike my other games, it was a really good experience going into the game with a partner straight off the bat and had really been looking forward to role playing with Hannah as my twin. I seriously don’t know where our energy came from but it was heaps of fun taking a more comic approach to the weapon making twins. We accidently provided Anarchy with the means of creating a nuclear bomb (oops) but at least we got his vote to be leaders. Almost survived the game without people finding out I was a superhero but I’d already convinced my sister to join me so she could carry on at least. We might have been partly responsible for everyone getting blown up but because we were secretly superheroes, isn’t it a good thing we destroyed all the super villains…? :wink:

I was also completely stoked that we won best role players. :smiley:

Biggest achievement of the weekend for me was actually playing in and costuming six games (with input and help from Anna!). I wasn’t originally planning on attending Hydra but and infinitely glad I did. I stepped far out of my comfort zone which was hugely rewarding. It was such a great experience being immersed in the weekend as a whole and really disengaging from the ‘real world’ which is always a challenge for me. I can’t wait to see everyone again! :slight_smile:

In short it was great! so much enthusiasm, so much fun playing with people new and old, great to catch up with out of towners too. Thanks to everyone who took part players GMs and organisers. Special thanks to Scott and Michelle for running it and feeding us respectively. Plus Ellen and Malcolm for their behind the scenes assistance.

Here’s the long, breaking it down into games probably spoilers ahead…

A Night at the Golden Dragon Tavern.

Jarrett, Jenni and I wrote a game that gently mocked old school D&D. I really enjoyed watching players take on the roles we’d written and make them their own. Often going to awesome places we hadn’t imagined.

Highlights of which there were many were, watching Nik’s Barbarian try and convince Karen’s Paladin to reveal her secret. The sheer number of times poor Russ’s elf managed to get himself killed (it kinda reached X-Men levels by the end of the night). The various romances, Matt kneeling on the floor as a halfling the list goes on… Plus the excellent costumes that seemed to capture the characters essence perfectly.

Also thanks to the people who helped with the set dressing, with extra thanks to Scott for getting it all together. I’m a big believer that appropriate set dressing can really help a game come to life.

Thanks to Jarratt who helped DM on the night and Christina who crewed for us.

Bad Things in the Bayou

I really enjoyed this, I’m reluctant to go into things deeply as it would be a bit too spoilery, but it played well with expectations.

I found my character a little tough to get into, perhaps it was the three dimensional-ness of the role, rather than having an exaggerated personality I could easily play up. Maybe it’s that unlike many of the other players American is an accent I really struggle with, I dunno.

Regardless once I’d found my feet I had some great moments, particularly my fight with Kerry which we managed to stage fight without any preparation which is always exciting. Sophie as my Grandmother was amazing, her very believable portrayal of a role always leaves me looking to up my game.

Call of the Wild Hunt

I’d been looking forward to playing in this since Michelle announced she was going to ruin in Auckland, hoping someone would run it down here too. When I heard Michelle was planning to run it at Hydra, I knew what game I wanted to play in that round. Shame it was up against two other games I wanted to experience. (The Bell & 32AR)

Again this game wasn’t exactly what I expected, I really need to stop making presumptions about what will happen during a game. It was lots of fun and interesting not being able to lie, I think that really works well in a larp and may use that idea in another game.

Fall of the Jaguar Gods

This game was ran outside in a large area with an open fire for heat. The area was also set dressed and I felt the whole game was very atmospheric. Once we left the buildings where we mustered the walk through the dark bush really helped with bringing me quickly into character. People made a huge effort with their costumes, especially for a genre that is outside of the norm, I think the whole game looked and felt something out of the ordinary.

I had a great game where my character came to experience the final battle, having some great moments especially with Daphne, who was playing my wife, and the players of the Jaguar Warriors.

Office Secret Santa

I think this game was the one I’d been looking forward to most. When I received my character sheet I laughed out loud, like actually laughed out loud. I’d been cast as a deranged and neurotic health and safety guy, and with the help of the other players managed to drive myself into a genuine panicked frenzy trying to be ahead of any potential problems. So much fun. Part of me wants to play the character again sometime, the other part of me doesn’t think my heart could take it. Thanks to Jon Ball in particular for providing me with many stress inducing moments, and Alice and Sarah for my inappropriate behavior towards their shoes…

World Summit of Evil

I missed this game in the first run, having to pull out at the last minute, and was very much looking forward to finally taking part. I’d been cast as Anarchy leader of the Hellbent which was all the excuse I needed to rent my favorite jacket from the Costume Cave again. I had some fantastic interactions with other players, trying to play against expectations and reacting in ways people might not expect, I also managed a spectacular run on rock paper scissor challenges, that at least for me seemed perfectly to serve the story.

I really, really enjoyed playing a character who didn’t care what the rest of the players thought and said whatever entered his somewhat broken mind.

All in all like I said at the top, I had a great time, and want to thank everyone who was there, I’m really looking forward to next years and in the meanwhile have Chimera to look forward to.