Beg and borrow thread

I thought I’d start a thread to arrange borrowing costumes/props. Especially for our out of town friends!

Here is what I can offer:
-Painted nerf gun
-various blue dresses from various time periods in a size six

What I can offer:

  • Nerf guns
  • A sword (If I do not need it. Still unsure)

What I would like to borrow

  • a long blonde wig (Cersei Lannister in Slash)

Armour (Chainmail and leather).
Multiple Swords and axes.
Male costumes (Military, Medieval, lab coats, workman, potentially suits, etc.)
Various props.

Does anyone have a cowboy type hat I could borrow for 13 Angry Men with Guns?

I do

I’m after a large sword for HeMan on Sunday Morning & a back scabbard if anyone has one available, as well as a short blond/yellow bob wig. (else i’ll just buy one)

Mage/Wizard type staff for Flagship

Oh I have leather cowboy boots, a leather holster, a realistic looking cowboy cap gun revolver, and a metal sheriffs badge.

If the revolver takes those 8-shot ring caps then that’s all good, otherwise it won’t work for this game (just as a heads-up. There will be more info coming very shortly when I’ve heard back from all the players :slight_smile: )

I’m now looking for a blonde/yellow bob wig for Sunday Morning please.

Looking to borrow a knightly shield for Sat morning since bringing one from Auckland will be tricky.


I’m looking to borrow a medieval dress in a size 12 or so. I’m sure I used to have one, don’t know where it’s gone.


I’ve got a spare one of those if you like

I have one (right-handed) vert, an eagle displayed argent.

I also have a complete gawain costume (chain, surcoat and shield) with appropriate heraldry if anyone needs that.

What I would like to borrow:

  • steampunk goggles and/or steampunk top hat
  • Something …“vikingy” (or suggestions for putting something together that will be viking-ish)

What I can offer:

  • 2 Maverick nerf guns, one painted grey and one unpainted, and a green leather leg-holster. Also one unpainted single shot nerf gun (not a Jolt, the other one that holds 5 extra ammo)
  • A couple of skirts, size 10-12, that might be suitable for steampunk/medieval
  • huge black hooded cloak, polar fleece (not necessarily available Saturday/Sunday morning)
  • various impractical belts, various jewellery, various feathery things
  • a long brunette curly wig

I would like to borrow a cloak (warm, please!) with a hood. Prefer grey, brown or black.

I’m new to Larp and also from Christchurch, so I’m going to be pretty limited in terms of costuming options. I would love a bit of help if possible.

We have a great support network here. However, getting gear to the venue is a bit tedious, so in that regards, post up some things you’d like to borrow and hopefully we can come up with some stuff.
Best thing is to ask your GM’s about costuming (if you get stuck) and some people can assist.

[quote=“mandersnz”]What I can offer:

  • huge black hooded cloak, polar fleece (not necessarily available Saturday/Sunday morning)[/quote]

It’s huge even on me though, so if you don’t mind drowning in it for a couple of hours I’m happy to lend it to you :slight_smile:

Anyone got a labcoat they can loan me for Sunday afternoon?


I am going through stuff for Hydra today. I will see if I can find one for you.

Cross-posting from FB for efficiency purposes:

Anyone have a red cape I can borrow, or something that would serve as such?