hi guys,

who would be interested in playing in a LARP designed for 8-16 players 24 hours of workshops and 24 hours of game, ran 2 hours north of Auckland, price should be under 100 dollars + costume (military + 70 dollars to buy a weapon)?

facebook page :


if you are interested, here is a quick form for you to fill (it is not an actual application form, just to see if there is enough people to run it) :


OK guys, I just added some more Background and rules to the Battle Front LARP page. Come and check it out !…/1Xti17FDXk4VcrPiy30emQvyQt4V…/edit#

And fill the survey here if you are interested in crewing of playing to see if we get further in that project.…/1FAIpQLSdmbtPx5I6VGBnFxY…/viewform