Barn Dance & Cookoff Logistics Announcement

We are going ahead as planned! (masks not required and have a QR code)

Aucklanders may attend, but as usual, we ask any participants (from anywhere in NZ) not to attend if unwell.

Main points:

-The event will be from 5pm til midnight (including setup and breakdown) muster point is in the carpark by reception

-There are full toilet facilities, but not in the barn itself

-Feel free to enjoy Staglands prior (you will need to purchase entry, this is not included in our tickets)

-Bring a dish to share for the cook-off if you wish

-Cooking facilities are BBQ and a small open fire

-GM team is providing drinks and some food

-This is a dry event, we have no alcohol license

-You may bring a feasting kit, but there are minimal washing facilities. We will have some paper plates and cups.

-See the meal post on Facebook for food coordination

-We will have cards to list ingredients in your dishes

-No seafood due to allergies

Please organise a ride, the venue is not near public transport.

A small briefing will occur before game in.

THERE ARE TO BE NO WEAPONS PLEASE (due to animals and not scaring the public). There will be no combat or use of skills, this is purely a social event.



Excitement has been building all week for the Governor’s St Valentine’s Day barn dance and pot-luck dinner. First hosted by Governor Acerbi after her arrival in Consequence, the barn dance has since become an annual tradition. As usual, the barn dance will also see a cooking contest, and it is understood that there will be fierce competition for the prize of most popular dish. Rumors of who will be entering what have swept the town, though no favorites appear to have emerged yet.

The Chief Compliance Officer will be enforcing a strict “no weapons” policy. This is intended to prevent any repeat of last year’s incident, which saw three people sent to the infirmary after a dispute over apple pie.

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