Banners on Diatribe

So its been on mind for a while but keep forgetting to mention that there is only one view/style of diatribe that shows the banners at the top advertising things, which is the nexus board style. I personally use the subsilver2 style (I just prefer it) and there is also the prosilver style, neither of which show the banners at the top. Is there anyway that we can change that?

It’s possible we could change it, but I’m not sure everyone would want to as they might like avoiding the banners.

Might be worth asking people on the Support forum?

The thing is that it kind of defeats the purpose of allowing affiliates or projects to have a banner (as a perk) when they don’t show up most of the time.

On the other hand, it won’t help the affiliates or projects much if people who hate banners stop visiting Diatribe because there’s no easy option to avoid them. People may also want to avoid banners when viewing Diatribe at work.

We have to balance the needs of advertisers with those of the community. Which is why I thought asking the community might be an idea.

The nexus style is the default, so most people probably use that and never even explore the options.

Here are the number of users that are using each style:

prosilver 10
subsilver2 348
nexus 616

These numbers includes bots, but I’m not sure which style they would be using. Subsilver2 is usually the default phpBB style, so maybe the bots select that?

I’m happy to ask if you like.

The easy option is AdBlock. I use it, and don’t see any of this.

I don’t like to make changes that could be regarded as “commercial” without consulting the community.

No problem actually making the change, as I said, I just like to consult.

Absolutely, its a good idea to ask.

Well, we’ve sold ad space to a few people, so I’d say that it’s arguable we now essentially have a contractual obligation to ensure that we take reasonable steps to ensure that people who don’t actively take steps to avoid the ads are exposed to them.

I also don’t think it is unreasonable to use the ads. We control and approve the ads that are put up there, and I think they’re really all ones that could be reasonably considered potentially relevant to LARPers. There’s also absolutely no targeting beyond that.