Bad Things in the Bayou

Bad Things in the Bayou has been cast :slight_smile:

Alice Turnbull -Patricia Mason: The new school teacher
Anthony Doornebosch - Rev Billy Baxter: Blanchard’s righteous preacher man
Brooklynne Kennedy - Audrey Summers: The curator of the Blanchard Historical Society
Bryn Jones - Jed Lorne: The sympathetic bartender at Sharlene’s Diner
Chris Rosedale - Richard Fisher: Rich big-city slicker
Ellen Boucher - Brandine Baxter: The preacher’s wife
Evie Gray - Laura Castille: Wide-eyed big-city slicker
Idiot Savant - ‘Hunter’: Old timer, famous for killing a giant gator
Judit Klein - Bailie Lavergne: A waitress at Sharlene’s Diner
Kerry Pellet - Ford Lavergne: A thug and petty criminal
Matt Swain - Earl Johnson: A slightly dimwitted dreamer and petty criminal
Naomi Guyer - Sharlene Braddock: The formidabble proprietoress of Sharlene’s Diner, and the headmistress of Blanchard’s only school
Nick Wolf - Sheriff Austin Amblin: Blanchard’s young sheriff
Nick Pitt - Brian Denton: Tag-along big-city slicker
Paul Wilson - Wayne Powell: Visiting county official
Sarah Lyne - Britnney-Anne Gibson: A waitress at Sharlene’s Diner
Sophie Melchior - Old Ma Hattie: Blanchard’s voodoo lady

Bayou players can stand by their inboxes, your character sheets are coming over the next two hours. This is your background and people-you-know. Later this evening you will get your general knowledge sheet with any rules I happen to think of.

Your on-the-day-sheet will also include any extra facts your character might know as well as a small blurb on what your character knows on the history of the town.

There may or may not be goal lists - I’m not really a goal list kinda GM, but if anyone would like me to bullet point for them what their character should be aiming to achieve, let me know and I’ll do that. Everyone else can freeform it as they see it.

As per usual, any questions, let me know. This is Hydra’s straggler GM over and out.

Thanks Anna!

15 out of 17 sheets have been sent. Brooklynne Kennedy and Sarah Lyne, I’ve found a hiccup with your character sheets that I’m ironing out later this afternoon, they’ll be with you this evening.

Everyone else, if you haven’t got your character sheet, email me in a panic :slight_smile:

And now everyone should’ve got a character sheet and a setting information/mechanics email.

If you haven’t, please get in touch :slight_smile:

Thanks Anna!