Australia Victoria, Stargate LARP


Wow you guys have a few LARP’s here.

Anyway my name is Tim, we run a Stargate LARP that utilizes lasertag for its combat system.

if your curious email us at

we also have a victorian portal for LARPing in vic

you never know you guys might visit and happen to have a LARP going on at the time.


Cool! Thanks for saying hi! I keep eyeing up OZ LARPS.

Is the Stargate one story-based with a bit of combat? Or is it mostly combat with a bit of story? :slight_smile:


It always depends on the players.

Star gate was our choice because we could do missions based of the play style of different people.

So in short its both.

We have many non combat missions, where scientists explore ruins, find and dismantle tec and do diplomacy with a fractured Jaffa nation.

and the death of many Lucian alliance :slight_smile:


Hi General Hayes.

I checked out the larp Victoria site, you guys have a lot of cool things happening over there.

The site indicated that your laser tag system is open source. How difficult would it be to build our own laser tag system based on your one ? Any links, advice etc appreciated.




We don’t actually make the electronics themselves, we actually order them from the states from

The software was open source but too many people were abusing the privilege and he stopped access to his software.
But he did release a bare bones code that people can play with. So we have one of our avid laser taggers doing that for us giving us all sort of cool software upgrades.


Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look at the parts site.

Can you please PM the details of the person who wrote the (formerly) open-source software ? He might be amenable to providing it to us if we ask him nicely (and promise not to abuse). That being said, if the system is build on hardware that is compatible with the .Net micro platform, I should be able to write the software myself (pro C# developer).

My initial thoughts are that we can rely on the players to keep track of their Hit Points, the main thing that is important is the weapons and the hit detection.