Auckland Welfare Action Plan

Here is the link to the NZLARPS Auckland Action Plan after the Welfare meeting on Sunday.

###5. Website

That the NZLARPS website should include the details of organisations where participants can get outside assistance should they require it.

Action Points:
NZLARPS Auckland to request that National include this on the ‘Safety’ page of (Rowena)

Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP (Central Auckland) 09 623 1700
Counselling Services Centre (South Auckland): 09 277 9324
Pohutakawa Clinic (over 17yrs): 09 630 9772
Puawaitahi Clinic (under 17yrs): 09 307 2680
SAFE (for men seeking help for harmful sexual behaviour): 09 377 9898

This shouldn’t be a problem. Does anyone have access to equivalent contacts in our other centres?

I found a couple of associated URLS for the first two that could be good to include with this too.

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Debbi, our guest from RPE mentioned that she had the details of a similar organisation in Wellington. I’ll ask Walter if he can get them from her next time they talk. I’m sure that there will be contacts we can find in all of the centres.

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That would be great!

In the meantime, I’ve updated the website with the Auckland details and a few of the applicable NZ Wide resources Jackie collated a while back.

The posters at Hydra can be found here:

They’re Wellington-specific, but easily modified.

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