Auckland Meeting Minutes 10 Oct 2016

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Opening: 6:50pm

No apologies
Attending: all committee members and Prema and Nikki with appearances from Phillip.

Alastair to re-set password for the marketing email

Trailer insurance:

  • No word from the old policy. Look into creating a new policy.
  • Action point: Mike to do research?
    Nikki to call AA. Musketeer GM’s to check if their insurance policy will cover a trailer?
  • No record of policy from AA. The cannot give us a policy if the trailer has no WOF. However there is no stand down period.
  • Trailer has no WOF, has no insurance. If someone is driving it it may not be covered by their insurance and the use of the trailer is at their own risk.

Community wide meeting:
Wellington committee has send information through to the National committee
Timing? Before the end of the year.
Sunday - 11th December. 11am Pot luck lunch. Horticultural Society?
Action Point: Beth to ask Brad to check availability
Set up a survey for people to fill out with topics they are wanting to bring up - field questions from social media. Action point: Walter and Alastair to set up a google form.
Question and answer sessions on the day/evening. Special guests. Action point: Walter to take to SAFE and other contacts. R.P.E. Crisis centre, Auckland Womans Centre.
Committee pay for the hall. Motion passes. Koha for time?
Potential outside mediator. R.P.E?
Action point: Rowena to talk to FB group to check that they are on board with the idea of the meeting.
Tools for GM’s re: safety briefings. How to make people interact more/pay attention to.


  • Need more volunteers for set up on the Friday
    Check permissions for the photos on photo board
    Updated photos
    Posters: Prema to do posters for Chimera. Contact Musketeer GM’s for a promo poster. Hogwarts?
    Lucky dip entry to Chimera?
    Competition? Win a larp weapon?
    A5 pamphlet for Chimera. 500 printed in colour at Beth’s work.
    $100 marketing budget. Motion passed.


  • Walter checking to see how they are getting on.
    10 months past due owing $512. No response on the request for immediate payment and/ or payment plan.
    Rowena and Walter to arrange an in person meeting - Action point: check before Musketeers for a date afterwards.


  • Monthly email targeting the play base. First email reviewing Musketeers, promotion for Chimera. Promote the Facebook pages and group.
    Look into older marketing material.
    Ideas for running a community social event.
    Approach Jason and Eva/Sophie about continuing to run weapon training events but affiliated with and promoted by NZLARPS.

Closing: 8:40pm