Auckland Gear Rationalisation - Sunday 10th July


Time for another gear rationalisation !

The Auckland gear lockup in Onehunga is very full, and it’s time to sort out the stuff we want to keep and the stuff we don’t need to store. I have added more storage by extending the top of the large shelves.

Given the lack of space at the lockup (and the vagaries of weather) the plan for the rationalisation is to target the boxes, and to use personal vehicles to move them to a nearby community hall for:

  • triage of items that are for dumping
  • rationalise contents to the correct boxes
  • identify which boxes are best to be stored in the easy-to-access shelving system (i.e the high-use boxes)
  • create an easy-to-use indexing system and print stickers to go on each box (with simple description of the contents)
  • create box tags for each garment and iron tag onto the garment (if we can find a cheap source of these)

I reckon it’s 1 hour load out, 2.5 hours in the community hall, 1 hour load in.

I have booked a local community hall (Fergusson Hall in One Tree Hill), for July 10th from 2:30pm 5pm (only time available, other local halls were booked out) about 5 mins drive away.

When: 1:30pm, Sunday July 10th
Where Onehunga Self Storage, 44 Galway St, Onehunga
Hall: Fergusson Hall, 5 Olea Road, Onehunga

The plan is to return to the lockup at 5pm after we have sorted the boxes and load everything back in.


One of the outcomes from the rationalisation is to specify the shelf-location for the high-use boxes.

The main shelf has three storage layers. Each layer is are two boxes deep. That is, you need to pull out a box to get at the one behind it. There are 3 layers, and the bottom 2 are two boxes high and the top one is 1 box high (it’s typically at or above above head height for your average person). The layers are 6 boxes wide, broken into 3 columns, each two boxes wide.

Here is the front view, and there is a box directly behind each box shown.

Adding it all up, we have 5 boxes high, 2 boxes deep and 6 boxes wide. That’s 60 boxes, and it would be useful to come up with a numbering system that allows each location to be specified on the box itself so each box can be returned to the correct location and we can have a visual map that shows where each box is stored.

I’m thinking A - E for the row names (starting at the bottom), 1 - 6 for the column names and .1 or .2 for the position where .1 is the front and .2 is the back. Or may F for front and B for back.

So A4F would be bottom row, 4th box from the left and the front box. Yeah, that seems better.

Thoughts ?


Oh, and I’m working on getting writable iron-on labels so we can specify which box each costume item belongs in.

This means the box number system needs to be reasonably succinct.


That all sounds like a pretty reasonable and well-organised system to me.

I have a feeling that I’m busy that day for some reason, though I can’t think why right now. If I’m not I imagine I will be along to help out.


Many thanks to Prema, Dave, Hannah, Brent and Josie for working so hard to rationalise our gear.

We did a lot of work in sorting the gear into ragged peasant, peasant, gypsy/middle class and fancy. We definitely have less of the fancy nowadays as wear’n’tear has taken it’s toll.

The blue boxes have been sorted and the main shelf has re-organised to store only costumes, and to enable high use items (e.g. peasant clothes) to be most easily accessible.

The next rationalisation will focus on the white boxes and the rest of the lockup storage. The plan is to move the non-costume high use items (such as makeup and kitchen gear) onto specific locations in the second shelf.

There will still be stacks of white boxes over by the wall, but these will be the low use items (modern clothes, modern army etc).