Auckland AGM 2017 Voting for retrospective Financial transactions >$1000

As discussed earlier this year, the Auckland NZLARPS committee has been spending more than the constitution previously allowed in one transactions. This transaction limit has been amended at an SGM earlier this year but we still need to community to approve retrospectively all transactions we have made over the previous $1000 limit. Following is a list of these transactions, if anyone would like further clarification on any of these numbers you can email the Auckland Treasurer on

How to vote will be advised as soon as we have set up the voting email address.

-1047.29 Various AK060815 Chimera 2015 Fastcheque
-1800 Catering AK100815 Chimera 2015 Fastcheque
-2300 Venue Hire Chimera 2015 Fastcheque
-1770 Venue Hire WH260316 Chimera 2016 Fastcheque
-1463 Venue Hire WH040516 Cowboys Fastcheque
-1000 Moto Moana Chimera Partial fee Fastcheque
-2250 Food DerekKelsie Musketeers Fastcheque
-2345 Chimera 2016 Food Fastcheque
-1496.9 Muskteteers Final costs Game 1 Fastcheque
-1313.7 Chimera Props costs Prema Fastcheque
-1881 Musketeers Game 2 Venue Fastcheque
-1881 Chimera17 Venue Fastcheque
-2886.54 Musketeers 2 Derek Fastcheque
-1881 VenueGame3 Anna K Musketeers Fastcheque


Auckland Secretary

The limit on “financial commitments” was $3,000, not $1,000, so most of these transactions are fine.

For venue hire, its by financial commitment, not whether you pay it in one or two installments, so if the total amount for a venue is over $3,000 it will need approval. Looking at this list, it looks like Chimera 2016 is fine (assuming the “Motu Moana Chimera Partial fee” is for that), Chimera 2015 may not be if it paid a similar $1000 deposit before we switched accounts. Probably best to approve it, just to be on the safe side.

Things not on this spreadsheet:

  • Exile game 1 venue: Committee approved a budget with a venue cost of $3700, and approved the payment of a deposit (Motion.)
  • Crucible: Legacy of the Lost venue hire: Crucible’s first game was still a project, budget approved for $10,814 of venue costs.
  • someone should probably check the budgets for the final Teonn games just to be sure.