Armageddon 2022

We have had a request for a LARP, or other general involvement (costumed larpers?), in RPG Alley at Armageddon Wellington. Who wants to grab a nice juicy LARP ready to go and run it?

Anyone got any LARPs they would like to promote at Armageddon? Even if it’s a few months down the track


An update on this - I’ll be running the LARPs Toil & Trouble and Juggernaut at Wellington Armageddon!

Exact times TBA, but this should be a great opportunity to give a taste of LARP to new, interested people. (Though you’re welcome to sign up even if you’re an experienced LARPer, too!)

As I understand it there’ll be event space but not a booth, so I should be able to hand out little flyers or booklets but won’t be able to put up posters or anything like that.


Another update - the signup form for these games is now live!


Both games are still low on signups - we’ll be accepting walk-ins on the day but having an idea of numbers ahead of time would be really helpful


So how did it go this morning?

Cancelled today’s game due to low turnout, but since I had all the material printed I’m going to try running it sometime in the new year!

It looks like we will have the numbers for Toil and Trouble tomorrow, though.