Armageddon 2017: Call for volunteers

[Crossposted from mailing list]

Armageddon wellington is happening on queens birthday weekend, June 3-5. As usual, we’ll be running a stand at it, handing out cards and flyers to promote larp. But we need volunteers for it, people willing to dress in costume and talk to complete strangers about larp.

If you’re interested, please let me know.

We get two free passes for booth staff, but we’ll need to switch them around as people come in and out. Last year we were kept pretty busy, at least on the first day.

The con is 10:00 - 17:00 on all three days. Which suggests two 3.5 hour shifts per day. As usual I will do all day on Saturday, but we’ll need 10 other volunteer-shifts to fill up. If you’re on in the morning, you’ll need to come in a bit early; if you’re on Monday afternoon, you’ll be responsible for packdown and getting the marketing box and posters back to me (or to someone I can collect it off)

Anyone attending Armageddon by themselves is of course welcome to hang around and help us. The more, the merrier :slight_smile: