Two threads have been deleted because it is felt that they are getting really negative and personal. Sorry about. They will be updated shortly.



Feedback is not encouraged?


Feedback is not encouraged?[/quote]

It is, unless it gets negative and personal. Feel free to put comments here.

what qualifies as negative and personal?

Technically any comment directed at the rules that where personally created by somone become personal. Then its up to them if they decide they are negative enough to warrent removal?

If such is the case then no comment “positive” or otherwise will ever be allowed to hang around for more than 3 nanoseconds.

I apologise for getting angry too.

I felt I was being directly negatively targetted and I therefore reacted angrily, though my retorts were not meant to be personal or negative. Just angry at what I believed was injustice :neutral_face:

Email contact with Alista has declared otherwise, so I apologise for getting it wrong.