Anyone want to write a “Breakfast Club meets Olympus” larp?

The other day @Viperion posted an interesting idea for a tabletop game on larp hall: “Greek gods (spawn) breakfast club”. The full thread is here (requires login):

The Elevator Pitch is “Breakfast Club meets Olympus” - the game starts with all the characters reporting for detention. The main plot of the game is that the characters have to escape detention in order to stop a couple of students from ruining the prom (oh no!)

So, I call upon your collected twisted imaginations; why would the following have gotten detentions?

Daughter of Poseidon
Daughter of Demeter
Son of Apollo
Son of Hermes
Son of Dionysus
Daughter of Hades
Son of Aphrodite

There was a very productive discussion, which included many more ideas for characters, and (of course) the idea that it would make a good larp.

So, just to put this out there: if anyone wants to write that larp, I am willing to write 3 or 4 characters for it. High school may not be my thing, but I am good at Greek myth, and good at grinding from a (very sketchy) outline. So, if this sounds like the sort of larp you’d like to (co) write, and you can find one or two other people as well as me, then get in touch!


I’ll throw my hat in for doing helpful work, but I’m really not sure how to go about this and a colaborative project seems a good way to dip some toes.


Two people is basicly a ready-made writing team for anyone who wants to do this.

This sounds excellent, I hope it someday gets boxed/published!